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You’ve got some Mirror's Edge in my Spiderman

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Activision has released a single screenshot of their upcoming Spiderman title, The Amazing Spiderman, and it’s got me pretty excited.

Not because I’m that much of a fan of Spiderman to be honest but more that it looks like this Spiderman is going to be based on the engine of Mirrors Edge and the idea of a Mirror’s Edge styled movement game with web slinging is pretty intriguing.


The clean lines, massive world and stark colours instantly reminds me of Mirror’s Edge, how about you? Do you see something special in this image? (click to enlarge)

It’s not the first time either; the recent Spider-man film reboot also bore a more than striking resemblance to Mirror’s Edge. For a game that didn’t sell incredibly well, it sure does seem influential.

Last Updated: January 31, 2012

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