In a day that will live in infamy for all those on lazygamer, last week Victor (aka Vicky, aka VEEEEKTAAAWR) wrote his top ten list of games. It included all three Fables, and has (rightfully) earned him a lot of ridicule. It also led to the rest of the crew being asked for their top ten – an almost impossible task. But I tried.

I would like to start by saying that these are NOT in order. There is no way to order these games because they are each amazing in their own right, and generally do not compare to each other – the most I’ve done is try to group them by platform/generation. This was a seriously painful process and I’m sad about a bunch of games that were left off the list.

Final fantasy nes

Final Fantasy (franchise)

No, I’m not giving you a number on this one. I was going to pick the original FF, because it was one of the first games that made me a gamer. I remember being a very little girl, playing it on NES with my brother. He did the actual button pressing while I did all the navigation and strategy. In fact, a few years back, I found all my original maps of dungeons that I drew, including common enemy spawns. Yeah, I was that kid. However, by listing FF I, I wouldn’t be acknowledging the other iterations of Final Fantasy that cemented my love of gaming and particularly JRPGs. In any event, Final Fantasy, definitely on the top ten.


Chrono Trigger

Yes, another game from Squaresoft. I played Chrono Trigger on the SNES, and it was the first game I loved that taught me about party composition and combo attacks. Also, it handled time travel amazingly and made me ridiculously happy. In many ways, it defined what an RPG should be for me – fantastic story, interesting game play, plenty of freedom to find new side missions and save the world.

Smb3 tank

Super Mario Bros 3

There is no way to make this list and not include SMB3. This game marked a huge jump for Mario – well, in fact, it was when he took flight. With tons of power ups, incredible level design (auto-scrolling while you maneuver past tanks? amazing), and the introduction of a world map, SMB3 set an all new benchmark in gaming. One summer, my brother and I spent all our time teaching my mom to play this game. Three months of SMB3, helping her get all the secrets and finally beat Bowser. Best summer activity, ever.

Suikoden wallpaper

Suikoden (franchise)

I will never forget my joy and wonder at playing Suikoden. For those who never played this beautiful classic, it is essentially a classic JRPG. However, you can recruit people to your cause, growing your HQ, adding side missions and expanding the roster from which you can select your party. I was not aware that my HQ could expand when I initially started playing, and it became my mission to get every single possible recruit – all of a sudden I could play cooking games in the middle of my JRPG! Wow, it was amazing. So much love for this neglected franchise. Wait, my need to catch them all – is this the allure of Pokemon?

Resident evil 2 psx 05

Resident Evil 2

I suck at shooters. That’s just the reality of my life. However, Resident Evil 2 taught me that as long as I had a shotgun, I could still survive. Unfortunately, it also taught me that a game can be absolutely terrifying. Always running out of health items and ammo, I learned to be afraid of opening doors, and walking past windows, and going outside. RE2 was the pinnacle of Resident Evil games for me, and defined the horror gaming genre.

CivilizationV culture victory e1372090919246

Civilization V

I’ve been a big fan of the Civ franchise, and I probably spent more hours on Civ IV than I did on my Master’s thesis. Civ V has been my favorite in the franchise. I know some will disagree with me, and I know Civ IV was amazing, but I just prefer the design, wonders, and general gameplay of Civ V. Very few other games can consume me for hours on end without any realization that time has passed. Just. One. More. Turn!

Thomas was alone

Thomas Was Alone

You know this list wouldn’t be complete without some indie loving. Thomas Was Alone is an emotional journey that took me by surprise. It isn’t just good for an indie, it’s good for a game. Sure, the design is simple and it’s “just” a fairly basic platformer. But it goes so far beyond that. If you still haven’t played it, you really should.

Assassin s creed

Assassin’s Creed (franchise)

I really love that whole open world, sandbox game design. There were a few games that were serious contenders for this spot on the list, and I’m very sad that I couldn’t put them on as well. However, there is just too much awesomeness in Assassin’s Creed, especially since I’ve been playing through the latest addition to the franchise. Sure, there were some silly things (as always in sandbox games), but that open world is incredibly done. Add to that the ability to upgrade your base and send out fellow assassins on missions? What more could I want? Okay, except for Connor to have had a personality – yeah, AC III is NOT part of the list.

Dragon age origins dragon mage battle

Dragon Age: Origins

This game was rich, detailed, and varied. My first play through (as a rogue Dwarf), I thoroughly enjoyed the game – enough so that I decided to replay. It was on replaying that I realized just how wide the scope of the game was; different choices led to different characters getting recruited and a different impact on the world. I just hope that Dragon Age: Inquisition takes us back to that level of awesomeness.

The last of us2

The Last of Us

I loved this game. It (mostly) allowed for varied gameplay, so I could be my usual stealthy self. The Last of Us tells a fantastic story, complete with realistic emotions and reactions. It consumed me both while I was playing it, and after I’d completed it. Pushing the PS3 to its potential, it was stunning visually and emotionally. If anyone still questions if games can be art, they need to play this game – the most compelling game of the generation.

Last Updated: October 30, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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