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Zombi – Weapon upgrade guide

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Zombi (5)

You may be a huge fan of Shaun Of The Dead, but that cricket bat will only get you so far in the port of the Wii U cult classic ZombiU, Zombi. One of the scariest games ever made according to my impressive yellow streak of cowardice, Zombi holds up pretty fine on other platforms.

But if you want to survive in ye olde buggered London once the outbreak has gone nation-wide (damn mad cow disease, thanks a lot Obama), you’re going to need to maintain your weapons. Weapon upgrades come in four flavours: Firing Speed, Capacity, Spread and Firepower.

Here’s where you can find those valuable upgrades.

Firing Speed

Zombi (1)

  • Upgrade 1: Brick Lane Markets exit near the safe house, in a storage room
  • Upgrade 2: At the lower mezzanine at Brick Lane Markets, hack the door and go through a tunnel junction to find an upgrade.
  • Upgrade 3: Can be found at the left if the entrance to Victoria Memorial, in a drainage gate.
  • Upgrade 4: Right near the ambulances at the Victoria Memorial palace gates
  • Upgrade 5: Go past the Victoria Memorial palace gates, past the sewers there and you’ll find an upgrade in the container near the chain link fence
  • Upgrade 6: Go to the Palace Underground Omega Barracks, and look behind a C4 trash piles to find an upgrade
  • Upgrade 7: Inside the Buckingham Palace kitchen, is a storage room that can be opened by blowing the door open with C4. An upgrade is inside.
  • Upgrade 8: In Brick Lane Flats, go to the back of the Old Brick warehouses, kill the uber-zombie and you’ll be able to grab the upgrade near a C4 trash wall.
  • Upgrade 9: The upgrade hides on a strong zombie that is guarding the a tugboat by the Tower of London.
  • Upgrade 10: In Spitalfields Green, go to the upper balcony in the area right before you have to jump down.
  • Upgrade 11: Go to the Baconfields, look for the bushes under the motorway pillar near the huts.
  • Upgrade 12: Can be found at St George’s Church, near the junction box.


Zombi (3)

  • Upgrade 1: Victoria Memorial, on a strong zombie near the safe house.
  • Upgrade 2: Brick Lane Markets, in the passage going from the tube station to St. George’s Church.
  • Upgrade 3: Behind some shelving at the supermarket.
  • Upgrade 4: Victoria Memorial Green Park, on a strong zombie in the main sewer corridor
  • Upgrade 5: Palace Underground, in the Queen’s quarter behind the vault door.
  • Upgrade 6: Buckingham Palace, in the pantry on a trolley.
  • Upgrade 7:  Brick Lane Flats, at the Old Brick Warehouse behind a locked door in the storage room.
  • Upgrade 8: Tower of London, at the pier on the tugboat near Dee’s letter.
  • Upgrade 9:  Tower of London, on the suit of armour in the Bloody Tower.
  • Upgrade 10: Spitalfields Green, at Quaker Park in the storage room behind the wall of C4.
  • Upgrade 11: Baconfields, by Darwin Yard close to the manhole.
  • Upgrade 12: Baconfields, by Darwin Yard in the wasteland and on a strong zombie.
  • Upgrade 13: St. George’s Church, in the catacombs and carried by a strong zombie in the main corridor.


Zombi (4)

  • Upgrade 1: Palace Gates, Victoria Memorial. Pass through the command and control room, go through the exit and the upgrade will be inside a metal container guarded by three zombies.
  • Upgrade 2: Buckingham Palace Interior, past the fire room, go to the right of the corridor and into the Queen’s study. Examine the first book, go into the opening and you’ll find the upgrade on a box to your right.
  • Upgrade 3: Brick Lane Markets, exit the manhole on the way to Brick Lane Flats, open the barred door with a picklock and you’ll find the upgrade on a metal shelf to your left.
  • Upgrade 4: Brick Lane Flats, Ron Freedman’s flat. Inside the wall safe, that contains the second book that the doctor is after.
  • Upgrade 5: Green Park, inside the military armoury and inside a metal container next to the one that contains C4.
  • Upgrade 6: Spitalfields Green, Raven’s room on the roof section that overlooks the Shoreditch Petrol Station.
  • Upgrade 7: Baconsfield, in the Brick Lane Community Nursery and after you have killed the teleporting zombie, find the Ravens door. The upgrade is behind this door, to your left.
  • Upgrade 8: St. Georges Church, inside the catacomb section with planks. You’ll need to work your way down to the water below, walk along the wall edge towards the exit, turn right and you’ll find the upgrade in the left corner directly below the room you exit the catacombs from by climbing a ladder to meet the exploding zombie.
  • Upgrade 9: St. Georges Church, after you have your BOB back, there is a gate that can be pick-locked. Climb the ladder to find the upgrade in a corner to the right.
  • Upgrade 10: Buckingham Palace, on a flaming red zombie you deal with on the way to the doctor, at the end of the fire room before you go up the stairs.
  • Upgrade 11: Buckingham Palace Underground, after you have the Panacea code and are back to where you first enter the Palace underground area from Victoria Memorial through the sewers, the upgrade will be on a red flaming Zombie that you need to kill.


Zombi (2)

  • Upgrade 1: Buckingham Palace Underground, in the underground area, past the steps and in front of a wooden chest to the left of red lit passage that leads to a Ravens safe room.
  • Upgrade 2: Brick Lane Markets, behind a metal gate in front of the supermarket in the right-hand corner underneath an air-conditioning system.
  • Upgrade 3: Buckingham Palace Underground, past the Ravens door on the way back to the palace from Brick Lane Flats. A red-lit passage is in front of you at this point, so turn left at the bottom of the stairs, turn right and right again. The upgrade is on some metal shelves to your right.
  • Upgrade 4: Tower of London, on a ledge in the watery passage opposite the exploding zombie.
  • Upgrade 5: Spitalfields Green, return to the petrol station in Darwin Yard, kill Vicram and the upgrade can be found to your left of the dumpster, behind a metal fenced gate that you scan to open.
  • Upgrade 6: St. Georges Church, climb down the ladder from the arena, exit the room and the upgrade can be found on a red flaming zombie that is waiting for you.
  • Upgrade 7: Brick Lane Markets, in Hanbury Green and behind a wall that needs to be blasted open with C4. Behind the wall is a zombie with the upgrade and a Dee letter.
  • Upgrade 8: Brick Lane Flats, in the first warehouse are two rooms off the high walkway. Inside there is a Ravens door which you can open by lining up the picture of the Raven. The upgrade is inside that room, with another Dee letter.
  • Upgrade 9: Buckingham Palace Underground, On the return to the palace from Brick Lane Flats, you’ll find a coded Ravens door. Open the door by scanning in four pictures from the palace, and the upgrade is on the shelf to your left of the door.
  • Upgrade 10: Spitalfields Green, Quaker Park. In the corner is a keycard metal gate, which can be opened with hacking. Opposite the CCTV box is a hole in the wall that you can crawl through, with the upgrade in a corner opposite a zombie, as well as another Dee letter.
  • Upgrade 11: Baconsfield, near the metal shed with a keycard door to the right of the Nursery entrance. Scan-hack the door and the upgrade is on the floor to the left of the Magnum pistol.

Last Updated: August 20, 2015

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