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Zombie apocalypse for real

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Zombies are taking over the world, just not in the way that I’d hoped they would. Preparing for a zombie apocalypse by jamming hours of Left 4 Dead, CoD Zombie Mod and DayZ will just have to pay off some day in some other way.

It seems that more and more games are becoming zombie driven and that every one is eating it up as eagerly as cookies getting devoured in an orphanage. Treyarch and Activision have been hinting towards smelly old zombies on their Facebook page for a while now and finally revealed a piece of artwork pretty much confirming that the map Nuketown will be a zombie map. Captioning the image “There goes the neighbourhood”, shouldn’t it in fact be “There goes the videogames industry.”?

Personally I do like some zomboob every now and then, like those undead bikini babes of DeadIsland, but they just don’t seem to add those everywhere. Maybe this is something Treyarch should consider eh?

On that note, check out my favourite zombie hottie, local cosplayer Genevieve ‘KomboKitten’ Lesch.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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