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Zumba eclipses Crysis 2 on the UK charts

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If this isn’t a sure sign of the power of the new casual gamer then I don’t know what is.

According to a press release from the local Zumba distributor the title has sold so well that it has now eclipsed Crysis 2 on the top of the UK sales charts for the week with sales of 122 310.

Whether this is really being bought by all those people who want to exercise or just by all the boyfriends who want their ladies to look like this is unconfirmed as of yet.

06-24-08- Miami Beach, FL-- Photos by Joshua Prezant  © 2008-- Zumba Fitness Shoot @ Aperture Professional Photo Studio--
Photo copyrighted by Joshua Prezant 2008-- No photo maybe used without Joshua Prezant's written consent.  www.joshuaprezant.com--JoshuaPrezant@gmail.com--(954) 394-2020

Check out the trailer for the title here which is available instore now.


Last Updated: April 12, 2011

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