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What Are the Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident?

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Car accidents are a traumatizing experience for any individual. Some people face bruises, while others deal with broken bones. Often the condition deteriorates to a point where one has to receive surgical help. On top of that, the horrible memories of the crash never leave your mind.

Unfortunately, it is often the victim who bears the brunt of the suffering, enduring months of agony despite being blameless in the crash. These people deserve compensation from those who caused the incident. However, to get their rightful compensation, crash survivors must make sure they commit no such error that weakens their stance. 

After a crash, avoid some common mistakes to make your claim stronger. Here are a few mistakes to avoid after your accident if you want sizeable compensation. 

Not Contacting an Attorney 

In any type of crash, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an attorney. Dealing with the complex legal matters that arise from your losses can be overwhelming and challenging without the necessary expertise. 

Attorneys are experienced individuals and can tackle any issue with ease. They know your opposition’s lawyer will try to pin the blame on you. So, they prepare in advance. From guiding their client to collecting evidence, an attorney does it all.  

According to a New Orleans personal injury lawyer at Chopin Law Firm LLC, “Filling a lawsuit requires skill and expertise, which are present in an attorney.” An inexperienced individual cannot handle matters in the same way as an attorney. If you want an easy win, hire a lawyer. They guide you at every step. 

Furthermore, a lawyer files your case in time. Often victims delay the matter of filing their case and lose the opportunity to seek justice. With a seasoned attorney such mix-ups will never occur. They make sure every process is completed on time. 

That is why a lawyer is a must. You could contact someone you know or find an expert online. Just ensure what field they specialize in. Hiring a general attorney won’t be good for your case. Always go for individuals who have experience with similar cases to yours. 

Failing to Call the Police 

One common mistake several people make is not calling the police on time. You might not think it necessary, but involving law enforcement is crucial, especially after a car crash. Some people believe that without visible damage, there is no need to involve the authorities, but they are mistaken. 

Regardless of how serious or minor a crash might be, always call the authorities on the scene (source). These officials’ record statements of every individual present on the scene and generate a report, which could be used in your favor later. 

Police reports are of massive help in complex cases. These officials note down all the vehicles present on the scene. So, this report comes in handy while pursuing matters in court. 

You could use it to prove your innocence and the fault of another individual. However, failing to call the police in time would risk your case and compensation. Calling the police would also be beneficial because you get medical attention on-site.

Officers are trained to provide basic first aid to victims. By calling law enforcement, you can get help before the paramedics arrive. Sometimes, ambulances and paramedics arrive late due to traffic. In such conditions, a police officer could handle bruises, cuts, or bleeds. 

Not Accumulating Evidence 

A car crash victim shouldn’t make the mistake of not collecting evidence to support their claim. Try gathering any possible piece of evidence, like photos or videos. These pieces of evidence help you in court.

You can take pictures of the vehicles or the scene of the accident. It could help you pinpoint the person responsible for the crash. Similarly, see if the area has any cameras. Obtaining footage of the crash strengthens your position because it will support your statement. 

Video evidence comes in handy in car accident cases because they capture every single detail. Whether it was your fault or another person’s negligence, a surveillance camera will easily capture everything. 

Lastly don’t forget to collect details of people around. It includes the people involved in the crash and passing by. The better the evidence, the easier the win. Anyone not collecting enough evidence can’t build a concrete case. 

Even your lawyers will focus on collecting evidence before starting with the hearings because judges and jury only believe you when you have proof. 

Avoiding Medical Attention 

Most people don’t consider their crash injuries very seriously. Since they have no visible cuts or bruises, they think they don’t require medical attention. However, some wounds take time to show. 

Maybe an organ ruptured due to the crash or a bone got dislocated. For the time being you might not feel anything but once the adrenaline levels lower, you will start experiencing unimaginable pain. The situation could get worse if it involves organ damage. 

That is why every car crash survivor requires medical attention. Your internal injuries might become serious when not given timely care. So, visiting a doctor is a must. Receive medical attention at the accident site, and move to a hospital for a complete checkup. 

These results could prove to be a lifesaver for anyone. Even your chances of winning the case against your perpetrator increase. You could use your reports to show your physical suffering and demand higher compensation. 

In case, you need expensive treatment, you could ask the other party to pay. Thus, timely medical attention is necessary. If you delay getting tested, you won’t be able to prove that the crash was responsible for your injuries and pain. 

Often opposition tries to make judges believe that a victim’s injuries were caused by other reasons, not the crash. To counter such accusations, you must have medical proof. 

Admitting Fault 

One should never admit any kind of fault in these circumstances. Individuals make the mistake of accepting partial blame, making their case weak. No matter what others say, never admit your fault under any circumstances. 

Even apologizing to any person present on the scene could go against you (see Cornell). A simple sorry could have a significant impact on you and your case. No doubt, the situation might be very emotional and several people might be hurt. However, emotions can cloud your judgment in these moments. One emotional decision could land you in significant trouble. 

Your opponent will use every opportunity to prove you wrong. Don’t give them any chance to misuse your actions or words. Let the officials carry out the investigation and determine fault. Until then remain silent. Just observe your surroundings and speak when your lawyer tells you to. 

If anyone asks you to give a statement, ask them for your lawyer beforehand. Don’t trust your instincts in such emotional matters. Only opt for expert guidance from your attorney. 

Last Updated: July 13, 2023

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