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Examples of Academic Misconduct in Universities Around New York

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Most of the students who have been to high school will have the dream of going to University, according to TheGuardian. But unfortunately, a college education is not an easy task, both financially and academically. On top of needing to clear high school with great marks, a university education is also expensive.

Even after getting into college, it can be seen that many hurdles have to be crossed academically and legally. Some students will have to face wrongful acquisition of academic misconduct which can be very taxing for their future. This is why students around New York and Pennsylvania need the legal assistance of a reputed academic misconduct attorney. Click here for more details. 

A student appeal is very difficult to obtain since it involves a clear understanding of the various academic misconduct rules and their loopholes. Academic misconduct is any unlawful activity that the student undertakes while being on the campus or that involves others from the campus, that can be deemed not compliant with the university rules and regulations, according to Cambridge University.

Unlike in high schools where academic misconduct like copying in exams and low attendance is dealt with writing lines and calling up parents, in universities the repercussions can be severe. Sometimes the disciplinary actions can be as severe as dismissal from the college/university.

Academic misconduct in a university can be something as simple as copying your professor’s signature due to a serious deadline. Even though this might seem simple to students who just passed out of high school, the same will be viewed as the unlawful forging of a signature by the disciplinary committee. This can have serious after-effects and stringent disciplinary actions being taken against you by the university or college.

Another instance where students did not have the knowledge that what they were doing was serious malpractice is related to assignments. Some students submit the same assignment to different professors when the subject is relatively the same. Doing this without permission from all the department professors involved can be serious malpractice in the eyes of the university disciplinary committee.

In most academic misconduct cases, it can be seen that the students do things that they did not know the seriousness of. This is a very confusing legal position for lawyers. This is why experienced student appeal attorneys are a necessity in these types of cases.

To conclude, to be on the safer side of academic misconduct procedures always take legal assistance from a reputed lawyer so as to ensure that your precious time and priceless academic efforts are not wasted.

Last Updated: February 1, 2022

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