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How to Ship Furniture Around the Country

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You may be concerned about transporting large or fragile furniture across long distances. It is important to use a trusted moving company like Zeromax when shipping furniture across the country. Furniture is not only expensive but also fragile and more prone to damage.

Zeromax Moving has created a guide that outlines the various methods you can use to move furniture across a considerable distance. We will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a relocation company with this experience.

How do you ship furniture long distance?

Regarding furniture shipping, there are many options. You will need to consider the number of furniture pieces you are shipping, the distance professional movers have to go, and the budget you have for the move. These factors will all impact which option you choose. You can quickly ship furniture across the country using various conventional methods.

Full-service moving professionals

Zeromax is a professional moving company that has worked with many items. There are always options to hire a full-service mover. The movers who come to your house will disassemble and wrap the furniture before loading it onto a truck and transporting it to its final destination.

Full-service movers can move large items such as furniture with great expertise. They know how to pack and care for a wide range of furniture pieces, even those that are fragile and prone to damage.

Choosing special services

Many furniture shipping companies offer complete furniture moving services to customers who are moving shortly. These companies specialize in moving furniture. They offer furniture shipping services and services like packing, wrapping, transport, and delivery.

When searching for professional services specializing in moving fragile objects such as furniture, there are two terms to be aware of. LTL stands for “less-than-truck-load,” while FTL is for “full truckload” (full-truck-load), according to Quora.

  • Less-than-truck-load. A freight truck will load your belongings with many others (often the belongings of people who are also moving). Shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) even though it is less expensive, shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) is the most efficient way to transport small quantities of items promptly.
  • Full-truck-load. Your items will be fully loaded into the truck. This is the best way to go if you have to move a large amount of furniture in a set time and place. Because you are the only item being shipped, this will allow you to have more control over the delivery date. FTL shipping may be more cost-effective than LTL shipping, but it is still more practical.


A storage container can be used as an alternative to moving furniture over long distances. There are many sizes available. Do you need help determining which size container you need? Many moving companies offer helpful resources on their websites. You can also load and unload storage containers yourself to save money.

What you’ll pay for furniture shipping

A piece of furniture can be shipped via long-distance transport services for anywhere from $400 to $850. The final price will depend on your item’s weight, size, and location. It might be cheaper to buy new in certain circumstances, particularly if the item isn’t sentimental.

Shipping long-distance furniture can be affected by several factors.

Shipping furniture can seem expensive (see why here). The cost of furniture shipping will depend on a few factors.

  • What number of items are being shipped? Shipping a whole furniture house will cost you more than just one or two items. You will pay more if your possessions are large enough to fill a truck.
  • If there are fragile items. You may be charged an additional fee if your items are fragile or old. Your shipping company may take longer to wrap and protect them before they are shipped.
  • Distance. The distance. Although long-distance moves can be cheaper per mile, furniture moving long distances costs more.

To ensure that your furniture is safely shipped to your destination for long-distance moves, it is essential to use Zeromax, a reliable moving company.

Choose a relocation company that can safely ship furniture across the country

You will need to find a reliable, experienced company that sells furniture reasonably. Zeromax is such a company. It is worth reading reviews and commenting on previous customers to learn about the company’s reputation. Good relocation services should offer many services such as packing, moving across borders, and quick delivery.

Moving long distances can be a difficult task. Our moving service is prepared to help you with your relocation. Highly trained and skilled movers carefully disassemble furniture for customers before wrapping it in soft blankets to protect it.

Get in touch with us to request a quote on furniture shipping and to book long-distance moving services that meet your needs.

Last Updated: May 17, 2023

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