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Rockstar isn’t pleased with BBC’s GTA docudrama

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Not harry potter anymore

Can we all just accept that when mainstream media tries to cover gaming people will end up upset? Either they make gamers or gaming look idiotic and juvenile, or it’s all blown up into high drama that doesn’t really exist. The BBC made a docudrama, The Game Changers, and no one portrayed in the film came out looking good. Unfortunately, according to Rockstar, it’s all “random, made up bollocks”.

The BBC aired the docudrama based on Rockstar’s legal fight with lawyer Jack Thompson. The 90 minute movie starred Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) as Rockstar boss Dan Houser with  Bill Paxton, or Chet from Weird Science as Thompson. With no one looking good in the movie, those involved in the game took to twitter to voice their outrage.

It’s not just games that end up looking like this. Just look at any film about the “real story” behind any endeavour and the artistic license is strong. The reality is that making entertaining films means ramping up the perceived drama of real life. No one wants to watch a movie about the development cycle in a gaming company, do they?

Last Updated: September 16, 2015

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