Takealot now takes a lot more money to deliver

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I’ve been using Takealot for nearly three years and in that time have never, repeat, NEVER, had an issue. In fact, when I accidentally ordered the wrong lens protector for my camera they returned the day after to replace it. That is not bad service if you ask me. Also, because the protector was over R250, it was delivered for free as per their minimum order price policy. Well people of the internet, button up your rage suit, because things are getting a bit more expensive now. So much more I may need to find an alternative…

Takealot’s minimum order cost to qualify for free delivery has now nearly doubled in price and is sitting at R450. That is a pretty huge jump. Not only that though, the standard shipping has jumped from R36 to R60, again an increase of almost 100%. Speaking to Mybroadband, Takealot said:

This delivery charge fairly reflects the actual cost of delivery to our business, which before that point had remained unchanged for some time.

I suppose that is true. Costs of everything have increase, which is odd because my salary certainly hasn’t. That still doesn’t explain the huge leap in the cost of minimum orders though. I get going up even 50% but nearly 100%? Apparently it has to do with keeping their product cost low and being competitive with other online stores within South Africa:

As we grow, we can’t continue to offer free delivery on orders below R450. This wouldn’t be sustainable without increasing our prices and our delivery charges, neither of which we want to do. Making this change allows us to keep our prices low, delivery charges the same, and keeps our delivery options competitive with other South African online stores

While I completely agree with increasing cost to offset inflation this seems like overkill to me. I am not sure if there is some new management structure since their merger with Kalahari but people have noticed differences. For example, when they have ‘specials’ it seems that they increase the price of a product, before adding on the ‘discount’… I’ve also heard and seen many complaints in regards to the shipping (again, I haven’t experienced this) but perhaps that is more the fault of the people I follow on social media.

What do you think? Do you think this increase is a justifiable sum and, has the quality of service suffered in your eyes?

Last Updated: March 10, 2017

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