Community Chat: What on earth are you still doing at work?

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No seriously, at what point did you think “Nah I’d rather work on Friday the 22nd while everyone is sitting on a beach, or in a pool or chugging back a cold one”?

I remember when I said, no don’t worry I don’t mind working the week before Christmas because it’s nice and quiet and it’s not like real work. Well past Gavin was a moron. I’ve been piling in the hours and can scarcely believe it’s Christmas on Monday.

Oh crap it’s Christmas on Monday, I need to go shopping… oh crap it’s the last weekend before Christmas, the shops are going to be a nightmare. Quick who, other than Takealot who I will never support as they sell pirated video game consoles, will deliver this weekend still?

Erm.. yeah speak amongst yourselves while I find a way to get out of work. What are you idiots doing here instead of relaxing?

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Last Updated: December 22, 2017

Gavin Mannion

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