Debate: How soon is too soon for festive decorations to go up in stores?

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Listen, I’m a Grinch. I have close to zero festive spirit, and I despise all of that blasted, unerringly happy stuff that permeates just about everything at this time of year. Everything becomes lined with tinsel, plastic holly wreaths and fake snow, despite the fact that we’re in the Southern Hemisphere and Christmas-time is usually hotter than the devil’s rectum.

So yes, it irks me, when I see Christmas decorations going up in stores, usually because it seems like they’re just going up earlier and earlier every year. It’s getting to the point where there’s no real point in many retailers even bothering to take them down. I’m pretty sure this stuff starts going up mid-July.

That said, I have actually noticed that since Halloween’s started becoming more prevalent locally, retailers seem to be waiting until that’s over before plastering their stores with yuletide garbage.

Still, it seems like retailers are racing to make money with no real sense of timing, and it actively keeps me out of shops when I’m forced to listen to Bony M’s greatest hits when all I want is a loaf of bread and 2L of milk.

So when do you think is too soon for this stuff, or am I just a grump Grinch who should take his terrible attitude toward Christmas and Jingle all the way out of here?

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Last Updated: November 3, 2017

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