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Hit or Miss: Is our democracy in peril?

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We are predominantly an entertainment website, and generally prefer to stay out of politics – but that’s not possible right now.

I am an optimist, believe it or not. I have a lot of faith in this most wonderful country and its people, even if I don’t have nearly as much in our current government. And late last night, whatever faith I had was eroded – as out increasingly rogue president reshuffled cabinet without the consultation of the ruling part or its allies. It’s become quite clear that all of that talk of state capture was more than just conspiracy theory, and that our democracy is a shambles.

That’s the sentiment shared by long-time political and social activist Jay Naidoo:

I’ll be frank. I’m pretty devastated, and I worry for our future, and the future of our democracy. I asked everyone else what they think of the reshuffle.


“I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I’m upset and horrified at the political situation in SA, or the fact that it’s no longer surprising. We knew it was coming and everyone seemed to sigh and say “RIP Rand” and shrug their shoulders. We aren’t active in our outrage. No marches, no protests. Without any real repercussions to these actions, Zuma and the rest of the government will just keep doing what they want. And it’s mirrored in politics globally at this point… is this the point in history that we will look back on as the beginning of the end?”


“I’m devastated, if this action isn’t quickly reversed I am going to have to seriously consider emigrating and leaving the country I call home. I simply cannot allow my kids futures to be controlled by a clique based in Dubai who are hell bent on pillaging this country for their own greed while the clown king himself chuckles while the country burns.”


“It’s disgusting. I’m disgusted that this is the direction we are going as a country – making major governance shifts in the middle of the night that seem more about punishing powerful critics than removing the incompetent (*cough*, grants debacle). For years I always dismissed the hysterical “South Africa is going to be the next Zimbabwe” comments, but I think we are on that doorstep right now. Once the land “redistribution” starts, well, that’s Game Over in terms of our credibility and relevance in a world economy. What does it take to stop a spiteful, greedy Ninja Turtle who is prepared to destroy an entire country and its people to benefit (and protect) himself?”


“It’s a sad day for the ANC, for South Africa & for our democracy. The cabinet reshuffle, more specifically the firing of Pravin Gordhan, exposes the ANC for what it has become: A spineless, morally bankrupt party that is willing to watch a few people destroy this country.”


“I’m a generally positive guy, able to crack a joke in just about the most dire of circumstances. There’s nothing funny about this though. Our country has overcome far too much and struggled far too long to be eroded like this through blatant greed and cronyism. That it’s being done with the bare minimum of subterfuge is even more infuriating, as it shows an utter disregard for consequences”


“It is a very sad day when the struggles of truly great people are replaced with those who are truly greedy people. The fact that this is happening in plain sight makes the situation even worse. When a government is so entrenched by the cement of cronies it makes one wonder how we will break the institutions we are supposed to look to for support. I returned from England to contribute to making this country a great country, after recent events I am just glad I have a passport to leave”

Darryn contributed in video form:

While that video helped me laugh through the tears, it’s hard to see any real positives here, nor is there any clear solution. I think South Africans as a people need to stick together to fight an injustice – once again working together to dispose of a government that has the inyerest of a few ahead of the interests of many.

What do you feel about the reshuffle, our president, and what looks like a crumbling democracy?

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Last Updated: March 31, 2017

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