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PlayStation Move brings your living room to life this Christmas

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Something for every member of the family with a range of titles bringing exciting new experiences to life

Johannesburg, 7th December 2011: Make your living room the ultimate family playroom this Christmas with everything from the fun fair, to a medieval castle, to the coolest party; it all comes to life in the comfort of your home with PlayStation Move.

By taking the PlayStation Move motion controller in your hand, you can become the star of the show, the hero at the centre of the battle or the sportsman with the skills to score. Bring your family together and experience a gathering like no other, from mum and dad battling an army of skeletons, grandma and granddaughter taking on the coconut shy, to brother and sister hitting the bowling lanes.

You can enjoy definitive family fun with PlayStation Move this Christmas:

EyePet & Friends – EyePet™ & Friends lets your family have double the fun with two virtual pets in your living room. You and your pet can engage, play and tumble on the floor together. Design new outfits for them to wear and teach them new tricks by using the intuitive controls of PlayStation Move.

DanceStar™ Party – get the party started with DanceStar™ Party, an exciting new Playstation®Move dance game available on PlayStation®3 which lets players perform the hottest dance moves alongside the stars who made them famous! DanceStar™ Party is the only party game that lets players dance – and sing – along to original music videos by well-known artists, offering something to satisfy every music fan. Become a real dance star!

Start The Party! Save the World – Just like the first Start the Party!, this second instalment is all about having fun. Try your skills in a fantastic selection of mini-games that you and your friends can compete head to head in. Get the whole family involved in the game and defeat Dr. Terrible the crazy scientist that will try and destroy the world by every possible means. Your goal is to become the hero, beat your friends and save the Earth!

Move Mind Benders – Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to master devious optical illusions in echochrome ii, erect a tower of building blocks in Tumble or guide the Lemmings to safety as the green-haired, accident prone critters make their PlayStation Move debut on PlayStation®3. Easy for all the family to play, addictive and rewarding!

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling – When a rogue cake threatens doom and destruction, the Sackfolk must once again attempt to restore peace to Craftworld. This time players will have a brand new toy to make things easier, The Brain Crane; a new powerup that allows you to control objects with the power of your mind! PlayStation Move controls give players a new suite of fresh creative tools including the Movinator, Motion Recorder and Paint Tool. These instruments will give you the power to create and design your own Move games, record fluid motions and paint your own stickers, whilst using fun new materials including decorations, costumes, music, sound and sequencer objects.

Carnival – You stumble across an abandoned secret carnival which has lost its magic due to neglect. You must explore and play its attractions with help from PlayStation Move controllers. In doing so, you will revive the carnival and its inhabitants, returning it to its original glory and splendour. You can collect tickets and buy accessories for your character and pets, interactive toys for the carnival grounds and Augmented Reality toys. Carnival™ delivers fun classic carnival games.

After Hours Athletes – Turn life into sport in association with PUMA: Top Darts™, Hustle Kings™ and High Velocity Bowling™ together on one disc. Watch the PlayStation Move controller transform into a dart, cue or a bowling ball as you use it to take on your friends and family for bragging rights and to be the champion of late night gaming.

Medieval Moves – Master the moves of battle and defeat the sorcerer Morgrimm who has ransacked Prince Edmund’s castle, searching for a mystical artefact that will allow him to transform the world into an army of skeletons. Whilst making a valiant attempt to stop Morgrimm, young Prince Edmund is overcome and defeated. But he doesn’t let a minor detail like being killed spoil his day; he reawakens as the skeletal Prince Deadmund. Armed with a PlayStation Move motion controller; you can tackle the single player quest or team up and take the battle online for some medieval multiplayer action.

Move Fitness™ – Get fit the Move way with this fully interactive fitness game. Under the guidance of your personal trainer, undertake a diverse, intensive and rewarding exercise programme filled with boxing-based exercises and entertaining routines in the comfort of your own home. Fully equipped with everything you need to get in shape, hit targets, perform punch combos and perfect your timing using the pinpoint accuracy of PlayStation Move.

Last Updated: December 7, 2011

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