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Battlefield: Bad Company – Reviewed – Xbox 360

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Battlefield: Bad Company

You must be wondering what on earth has taken us so long to review this game?

Well it’s purely down to how addictive this game is. I made a concerted effort to finish the single player section of this game before venturing into the multi-player section so here goes.

Single Player
If I had reviewed this at the half way mark I would have said that it is just as good if not better than the COD4 single player. It’s action packed, humorous and keeps you gripped… until about 3/4 of the way through…

I don’t know what it is but I started to get bored around this time and just lost interest… The game doesn’t get worse or do anything wrong, it’s just not right.

Get him (Battlefield: Bad Company)

But to be fair I am comparing it to one of the top single player shooter campaigns and it really does hold it’s own. Well worth the money anyway.

Multi Player
Everyone knows this game is all about the multi player.. so does it hold out?

Well I was meant to post this review a week ago so I think that answers that question.

When you start the game it can seem a little daunting. The maps are huge… way bigger than any other FPS game out there. But you very quickly get into it… Just grab the closest tank, helicopter or armored car and haul ass to the other end of the map.

The point of the game is to either protect the gold boxes or capture the gold, depending on which side you are on.

I can tell you straight away that I prefer attacking. The defense side gets a bit boring in my opinion. But I think that’s more about personality than anything.

But what we all want to know about is the destructible environments.. Are they any good?

get the gold (battlefield bad Company)

Hell yeah, it is absolutely fantastic. I can’t imagine how we have ever played games without this before.

As an example, I was running the the fields towards a building when a guy stepped out in front of the window and took a shot at me. He missed, I pulled out the rocket launcher and took out the entire top floor. Easily one of the best gaming moments in my life.

It adds the right amount of realism without making it overly difficult. I even managed to get an achievement for coming first in the game 😉

I have absolutely no desire to go back to Call of Duty 4 now.

So if you are buying this for single player how does it rate?

Scoring Single Player:
Gameplay: 7.5/10 [It’s good but it starts to feel a bit dull in the end] Presentation: 9/10 [I love the comedy and destruction] Sound: 9/10 [I played this without 5.1 but the ambience was great] Value: 8/10 [Worth the cash] Overall: 8/10 [as above]

Or are you getting it for the multi player segment?

Scoring Multi Player:
Gameplay: 9/10 [Overly addictive] Presentation: 9.5/10 [Destruction… utter destruction] Sound: 9/10 [chaos] Value: 9/10 [Go for it] Overall: 9.2/10 [Pack the COD4 away and go for it]

As an endnote, I possibly have sold the single player short after playing the multi player all week.. There is so much more I can say about it but what more do you need to know other than go buy it?

Last Updated: July 7, 2008


  1. kabraal

    July 7, 2008 at 08:55

    I agree with the single player campaign. I’m probably a quarter way through and I’ve already lost interest. It feels like the only thing you’re doing is driving from one town to the other and clear out the enemies.
    What I do like about the single player is the attention to details. This might sound irrelevant to most people but I loved that short opening tutorial. First thing you’re asked is whether your y-axis should be inverted. And I just can’t play a shooter game with a controller with invert y set to off. No need to muck around in the menus. Then I also like the health system. You die very easily but the enemies you’ve killed, stays killed, and does not reset every time. Neat and clean.
    I’ve played a couple of multi player games and those games are really fun.


  2. Janrik

    July 7, 2008 at 09:21

    This game eats time. I’m 80 MP games into it allready! (some of mt clannies are now at close to 200 MP games!)


  3. SgtFiddler

    July 7, 2008 at 09:22

    Yeah, i also played to the end of the second mission in the single player, tried the multiplayer and have been hooked ever since. 😉 Def worth your cash for the multiplayer alone.


  4. Lupus

    July 7, 2008 at 09:45

    I think the main reason the single player doesn’t quite live up, is because the enemy AI is terrible but their accuracy is 100% all the time 🙁 also the aiming isn’t quite as good as CoDs


  5. doobiwan

    July 7, 2008 at 09:46

    I actually agree about the health system, I think it’s a step forward, some folks are just struggling to adjust. It’s like the usual regenerating health except you need to specifically act, adding a tactical element to how you use it.

    As for the rest of the game? I think you’re right about the single player, once you get into the MP it’s really hard to go back.

    BF is, so far, my game of the year 😀

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles


  6. Fred

    July 7, 2008 at 10:48

    This game blows everything to bits , including my 2gig cap.


  7. Jonni

    July 7, 2008 at 11:51

    Yeah aiming and AI make a huge difference. I actually prefered the second half of the game. i found the first half to be a bit boring.


  8. David

    July 7, 2008 at 13:04

    Man This game rocks theirs no doubt that their going to make a sequel to this game like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 oh ya


  9. HoodedGrub

    July 8, 2008 at 16:27

    COD4 was my GOTY last year, but so far this one take the cake for me YTD… 😉


  10. Syph1n

    July 8, 2008 at 17:07

    Hey lazy. dont know if you noticed it but me and you where in same game. It was awesome.. really i’ve never enjoyed any multiplayer. after playing this I’m buying myself a gold account


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