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Behind the Curve – Resistance Fall of Man

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Resistance fall of manBy RedZombie

Resistance fall of man was one of the launch titles of the Playstation 3 and is a Sci-Fi first person shooter set in a alternate 1950’s fighting a fictional alien race called chimera.

The story begins with Sgt Nathan Hale (you) a US troop part of a team setting out the help free the UK. A Chimera attack kills all but you, and so your rise to glory begins. Being the true hero you will of course need the sidekick / intelligence of a lady… please welcome Captain Rachel Parker… The story is narrated by Rachel and by listening to her observations you start to uncover sort of side plot and some disturbing info on Sgt hale…This contentious and more info on Hale and the Chimera is revealed as the plot unfolds. I’m Not going to spoil the plot and give more info on Hale, Parker or the Chimera however apart from the standard review there are some points I would like to mention


Game play
The weapons are well balanced and for the most part quit original. On the negative side , I did find the weapon change feature frustrating as I sometime felt it took to long . Enemy AI is extremely believable and makes you think up strategies rather that the standard duck and fire. The controls are easy to master and it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things. The stages or environments are done well and quite pretty except for a few repetitive scenes, especially later on in the tower scenes.A lot of the environment is destructible, however more destruction would have been great.

There are minor driving scenes that are actually petty and these don’t really make any difference in the game.

A notable extra is what is called the skills point, similar to Xbox achievement’s you get skills points for certain tasks. These skills points then unlock extra’s such as conceptual art, behind the scenes and . A example of one of the skills points is “ Kill 6 enemies with the Chimeran sentry gun”

Coming this year we will see the dual shock 3 upgrade and Sony has confirmed that it will be compatible with RFOM.

Sixaxis is used well, When some Chimerians approach you and try and give you a slight love bite, you shake the controller to shake off the beast.

Resistance 2 has been confirmed for a 2008 release

Resistance won numerous awards and is by all account a great game, that being said It did take me two stages to get into the flow of the game. Even thou it is a great game and was a brilliant launch title it just doesn’t compare with the newer post launch games out today ( COD4 etc….) It is still a excellent buy for any one who doesn’t have it yet.

The Scores
Graphics: 80%
Sound: 85%
Playability: 80%
Originality: 80%
Replay / Online Value: 85%

Overall: 80 %


My Final word
RFOM was like a mix between Medal of honor : frontline ( PS2 ) and Prey (Xbox 360 ) The game was a bit short, but so are 90 % of all games out there. By now its also not needed to say that in order to enjoy this game truly you need surround sound and HD TV. This is by no means any sort of PS3 killer app, however this is still a brilliant game. And a much needed in your collection.

On the up:
Good fun and enjoyable
Great sound, Visuals and Story

On the down:
To short
No real challenging Boss fights
No real emotion from Hale, so you tend not to really care about what happens to him

Last Updated: January 14, 2008

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