The 4th and final Black Ops 2 DLC was just released and with it came 4 brand new multiplayer maps that we’ve taken for a spin and are now ready to give you our feelings on them, have they continued to push the boundaries of map design or does it feel like they’ve run out of ideas.



First up we have another snow level to follow on from the previously released Downhill. Frost is set in a European city split into two sides by a frozen river crossed with a bridge. There are a ton of hiding places to ambush players and from my time on the map there thankfully wasn’t an over emphasis on sniper points.

With its tight passages and nooks and crannies; Frost makes for a solid close combat map. Just be careful about trying to cross that bridge. It’s a death trap.



The next map is Pod which is set in a failed utopian village in Taiwan. The crumbling odd-shaped pod housing and rickety bridges that create a maze of avenues and vantage point.

Unlike Frost there are quite a few sniping points available here and you are going to need some tactics here as you are going to struggle if you take the middle path with close quarter weapons and the outside paths will be death incarnate if you have long distance weapons.

This is one of the two best maps but it does fall down with its lack of verticality and the number of invisible walls.



Dig is an adaptation of the fan favourite Courtyard and became an instant favourite for me in the first couple of games. You can climb up many of the crumbling walls adding a new strategic element to the typical run and gun Call of Duty style.

But it didn’t take long for the snipers to find the weakness here. If you are a semi decent sniper then this map ends up being perfect for you as you can see across the entire map from certain vantage points and the game simply ends up being a game of cat and mouse.

Dig also suffers very badly from the invisible wall syndrome as I kept finding myself trying to jump onto elements that I should easily be able to make, but simply being rebuffed.


Take Off

I had high hopes for Takeoff with that imposing rocket and long run up that could turn into a death trap but unfortunately that entire section isn’t actually playable in the game.

The map is actually based around the office park near the rocket but this isn’t actually a bad thing. We have some nice close quarter fighting in each of the office blocks with 2 or 3 solid sniping points across the map that are easily noticeable so if you want to snipe you better be very good.

I particularly liked this stage as it appeared to have the most opportunities to lay traps which is the only way I ever actually take out players so that worked for me.


In the end I can’t say I was very impressed with this DLC. It didn’t have any stand-out maps that I would really like to go back to, like Grind or Rush but at the same time it’s a solid addition to the current roster.

It does feel like the maps may have been the ones that didn’t make it into all the other DLC packs and if you don’t have the season pass then I wouldn’t say you should rush out and buy them.

That is unless you are a fan of the zombie mode of Black Ops 2.

This DLC also comes with Origins which is the latest instalment of the zombie series, taking you back to the first world war where you will encounter the original 4 characters from the very first zombie mode.

You will be tasked to hold off a zombie infestation that has over run the French country side with the typical zombie play style and some new perks.

I always struggle with this part of the review as I don’t really like the zombie mini game in Black Ops so I can’t really judge whether this is a huge improvement or not. But if you are one of those who find the zombie mode better than anything else then you won’t want to miss this part of the long running convoluted story.

So that’s it! All the videos, besides the last one, were recorded by Darryn so make sure to watch them and giggle at his ineptitude and a big thanks to for sponsoring a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for these videos.

Last Updated: August 29, 2013

Black Ops 2: Apocalypse
The maps are all playable and decent but I just didn’t feel the love or polish that I expected
Black Ops 2: Apocalypse was reviewed on Xbox 360
70 / 100

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