Dead Island: Riptide review round up

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Techland developed, Deep Silver published Dead Island was not the zombie-slaying action-RPG hybrid that was promised. Instead it was a buggy, glitchy mess that was only really fun if you roped in some friends to make the undead dead again. Its sequel is out  this week – and should fix all of the problems that plagued its predecessor. Let’s take a look at its current critical reception.

Here are the scores:

CVG – 5.9
Destructoid – 5
Eurogamer – 6
GameInformer – 8
GameSpot – 4
IGN – 7.2
Kotaku – “It’s too broken to be worth your time.”
PSU – 7.5
OPM UK – 5
Polygon – 5.5
VentureBeat – 65/100
VideoGamer – 5

That doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it?

The common complaints seem to be that it hasn’t really progressed much from the original game – and it’s still a largely unfun, broken mess.

“What makes that so sad is that this feels like a series only a few great decisions away from being really good. A better script with a sense of humour, a bit more imagination in quest design, more coherent inventory management and character development… These things shouldn’t be unattainable goals for a developer that must be flush from the unexpected success of the first game. If there is to be more Dead Island – and I wouldn’t object to that – then those things must be high priorities for it to avoid another mauling,” says Eurogamer

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling says that “Being “just as good” isn’t good enough, especially not when Dead Island had things on its side that Riptide doesn’t. Those new to the series entirely will likely not notice the problems quite so much, and be as forgiving to it as newcomers were to Dead Island. While Riptide banks on you having loved the first, in actuality you have a lot more to gain if you’ve never touched it. “

Giving gamers “more of the same” isn’t a good thing, when your game wasn’t good to begin with. It’ll still be fun with a few friends, but it looks like Techland hasn’t learned from its mistakes – and made a few new ones to boot.

If I’m honest though, the only reason anybody knows or cares about Dead Island is because of that incredible, heart-wrenching trailer – that had absolutely nothing to do with the game at all.

Are you picking up riptide this week?

Last Updated: April 22, 2013

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