I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to mobile gaming but at the same time I have the concentration span of a… look squirrel. What was I saying… oh yes so I’m always looking out for new mobile games that I can play for a minute or two and then carry on with whatever work it was that I was meant to be doing.

Yesterday while browsing the AppStore I saw a new free game called Does Not Commute where the object of the game is to drive your car from one point to another. Then when you complete that you take control of a different vehicle and drive that one to its destination and then another one and so on and so on.

The trick comes in that all the vehicles will repeat what you did in the previous round so while driving one car from point A to point B is easy enough, when 14 other vehicles are driving all over the city it becomes pretty difficult to not hit anyone. If you do hit something your car starts slowing down and since each stage is timed this can be the death of you.

If you make a mistake you can hit the rewind button which takes you back to the beginning of the round and you can try again – though you do lose a second every time you do this. Time can also be picked up en route to your destination but it’s a toss up on whether that time would be better spent taking a direct route instead.

Every vehicle drives differently. Some are fast and grip well while others trundle along and turn like a boat. Oh there are also boats and motorbikes. Vehicles can also ramp off certain sections to create shortcuts and as you progress you unlock single use power ups to improve speed, handling and the like for your vehicles.

The game is entirely free and doesn’t appear to have any adverts but you can upgrade to the premium edition for $1.99 that allows you to save your progress and continue from checkpoints. The art style is very cool and make sure you read the stories of each of the characters before setting off as some of them can be quite hilarious.

Does Not Commute is out now on iOS and Android devices of a decent nature

Last Updated: April 29, 2015

Does Not Commute
It's a small mobile game but the complexity of the gameplay and graphics definitely surprised me. A solid title that you just have to try.
Does Not Commute was reviewed on iOS
87 / 100