In 2009 developer Bioware hit RPG gold with Dragon Age: Origins. This dark fantasy title took the gaming world by storm and quickly became an industry favourite.  Simply put, Bioware was ambitious but brilliant.

Two years later and Bioware are determined to innovate and not iterate. Unfortunately, innovation is not always a good thing. While they have taken a big move to rewrite, simplify and implement a whole new experience, this might cause fans of the first game to be divided and think twice about continuing their Dragon Age adventure.

So the question stands; with an RPG so established is it better to change or improve on what has already been and for the most part succeeded? Hit the jump to find out.

Dragon Age II is a story told as a flashback, a story within a story, by your dwarf companion Varric. He is cornered and interrogated by the mighty fine Cassandra Pentaghast, and it is up to you to write these adventures by reliving them.

It is the year 9:30 Dragon (just checking if this is right?) in the Dragon Age Calendar and after the events of the Origins, the Fifth Blight is spreading with nothing to stop the onslaught of the Darkspawn.

You now fill the shoes of Hawke, a refugee from the flattened town of Lothering. With your sword under one arm and your family under the other you escape the blight and journey to the city of Kirkwall, where over the next ten years you will live the eventual results of your influence and rise to the role of Champion of Kirkwall.

As you progress there is a definite logical progression and the game does a brilliant job at using cut scenes to help the story along and really adds value to the game as a whole.

Origin fans will be pleased to know that once you have completed the first game, you will be able to import your saved games and the choices the Warden made are reflected on the world as well as some of the returning characters. However, you will not be able to transfer your Origins character.

Last Updated: March 22, 2011

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Dragon Age II

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