Finally, it’s here. The game that was never going to be. The myth, the legend, the joke that has been circulating around the industry for over a decade now. But can the almighty Duke himself live up to a legend that has managed to eclipse his own ego in all those long years of development?

DNF picks up right where the last FPS left off, as players get ready to face off against the almighty Alien Overlord. Its already clear from this point how different DNF is when compared to other genre games. Unfortunately, its these very differences that make the game fail so terribly.

There’s no way around this, DNF just feels old, outdated and underwhelming. It pays homage to its blockbuster origins without ever really bringing anything new to the table, relying too much on past glory and outdated gameplay mechanics.

There’s not much of a plot either, as Duke has to spring back into action to save the babes (and day) from the invading alien hordes who are back for revenge, determined this time to take over the planet and avoid having their ocular cavities filled with excrement. Its essentially a device to allow players to live out the dreams of their favourite action stars of the eighties, blasting anything that moves and tossing in a crass one-liner along the way while all hell breaks loose around them.

Gameplay is kept to linear levels with enemies dropping in at scripted intervals, while the rest of the stage has Duke solving some basic puzzles and having to platform his way across to reach the end goal; something that is unfortunately never fully realised and will instead leave players swearing at their TV after numerous failed attempts to jump a small gorge with the shoddy jump controls.

Last Updated: June 21, 2011

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