Facebreaker – Reviewed – XBOX360

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By Philip Dunkley

So EA released their new Freestyle brand with the launch of this title, Facebreaker. I really hope that this is not the direction of the series, because if it is, they are in for a torrid time. I can understand companies releasing titles towards the end of the year to cash in on the mid-year slump, but guys, this is not a quality title at all.

Facebreaker is a Boxing/Fighting game, with the emphasis on Arcadey, fun action, with comic style visuals. It has one small problem. The fun part is seriously lacking.

Let’s start with the basics.

Facebreaker is your standard run of the mill fighter. It has a large cast of whacky characters, each with their own specialities. It involves boxing rings and cute ring girls, and a pretty cool soundtrack to boot.

From a gameplay point of view, your fighter is controlled with the analogue stick, and you have a basic low and high punch, which can be strung together in combos. You also have a special attack, which is obviously a lot slower than the normal attacks. You also have the ability to block and dodge (Really, please show me how!!). Then when you string a whole bunch of punches together, you are able to pull off a Facebreaker move, which is obviously the macdaddy of punches, but only when your combo metre is full. Oh, you also have the ability to throw.

And that’s about it. It’s unbelievably frustrating, as the difficulty is quite severe, but the fact that the opposition uses near unblockable moves, and they keep using them against you, will not only frustrate the living hell out of you, but nearly caused me to smash my controller.

Look, I know a boxing game has some limitations on its depth, and at least the multiplayer was somewhat fun, but you need to keep the attention of the player, and this seriously lacked. It not completely flawed, but it’s as average as they come, with no speciality or creative advantage whatsoever.

From the graphics point of view, the game looks good, and the damage done to the characters faces are particularly funny. The game runs quite fluidly, and some of the locations are pretty cool.

The sound in the game is pretty good too, and I quite liked the soundtrack, but it will be to certain peoples taste. The effects are good, and they do seem to have done a good job on it.

You know, when I just don’t know what else to say about a game, it gives a pretty good idea of what I thought of it, and this is one of those titles. It might appeal to certain people, but this is an incomplete title in my opinion, one which I was looking forward to.

Gameplay: 5/10 [Very Monotonous] Presentation: 7/10 [At Least it looks alright] Sound: 6/10 [Adequate] Value: 4/10 [No Value for me whatsoever] Overall: 5.5/10 [This is so dissapointing]

Last Updated: September 9, 2008

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