It’s nearly time for the FIFA World Cup to swing around again and this time it’s being held in the Samba capital of the world. Brazil.

What this also means is that EA Sports has released another special version of their FIFA series entitled FIFA 14 Brazil World Cup, so we took it out for a spin to see how well it works.

But before we get into it let’s take a look at the players doing the Samba

Okay I’m lying, the review has started and this was one of the earlier things I noticed. During a pre-game practice session the ball bounced away from me and then I and my opposing AI decided to samba the day away until I force quit.

Not a great start.

But let’s go back and see what the game has to offer. According to the official EA marketing stuff the game includes enhanced dribbling, accuracy and some better first touch mechanics. You can then take any of the FIFA governing bodies from around the world and attempt to reach the world cup and then win it. Or you can jump right into the world cup with one of the existing qualifiers and try take them through to the finals and win it.

Like I did with England even though Sturridge broke his ankle in the first game and the geniuses at EA Sports still think Rooney is a world class striker.

So taking on from the marketing gumph the game does appear to dribble better but the shooting seems pretty much stock standard. The one touch controls are also pretty much on par with FIFA 14.

So we have a new football game with multiple new modes, some great practice and training modes and all the characters we love to scream at over the weekend. Sounds like a solid purchase… however there are problems.

First up they are selling this game at full retail when it only contains around 30% of the content you’d find in normal FIFA titles. Moving past pure fiscal considerations though, we see more problems.

The second thing that got me going was that the game appeared to make mistakes with rules and that really drove me mad. The first example is where I scored the below goal and my striker was rewarded with the goal. However according to FIFA if the ball is deflected away from being saved and then the ball goes in then it is an own goal. This happened to Suarez earlier this season.

Now granted that is a ridiculously pedantic thing to mark a game down for but in a later game my guy was given offside while he was a solid 3 meters onside. I’m all for the ref making wrong calls when they are touch and go but this was not the case. It was a glitch that I’ve never experienced in the real FIFA game.

But that’s not the worst part. I started up a tournament and entered a game with Chile. After a few minutes of gameplay I noticed that I was starting to feel a little nauseous. I pause now to remind you that I’m a massive FIFA 14 fan and while I’m not very good I have played many many hours of FIFA and I’ve never had the game bring about nausea before.

I restarted the game and it didn’t take long to notice that the problem occurs when the camera has to zoom out to show long balls. Once this happens the v-synch goes haywire and the screen tears ridiculously making the game impossible to focus on.

While I’m subconsciously trying to focus on the ball my mind is being put through a blender by the graphics. Here’s a YouTube video I took showing the issue and no it’s not a YouTube issue, this video is actually better and smoother than the real thing.

Oh and the colour scheme they have chosen is terrible. I  really disliked it; It’s like someone threw up a rainbow on my screen.

FIFA World Cup

So the colour scheme, lack of modes, lack of improvement in gameplay and bad calls are enough for me to give this review a poor score.

But that’s all easily ignorable if you want the special edition on your shelf, like I always do. However asking me to pay full price for a game that makes me feel incredibly ill due to absolutely awful V-Synch is simply just a step too far.

This game was reviewed on an Xbox 360 so it is possible this won’t happen on the PS3 – but until I can see that for myself I simply cannot recommend anyone buying or playing this game.

Last Updated: April 23, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazl
The game is minimalist and doesn’t add enough to justify the cost. Despite the lustre of the event, the game is badly put together. I cannot recommend this for anything other than a shelf adornment.
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazl was reviewed on Xbox 360
74 / 100

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