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It’s still quite a while before we get our hands on the wheel of Turn 10 and Playground games Forza open-word action-racer Forza Horizon. There’s still two weeks to go until release – which makes the fact that reviews of the game have started trickling out pretty surprising.

Here are the score so far:

It seems like we have near universal praise – save from Polygon, who took issue with the game’s not really new in-game token-based micro-transactions. Thing is, they’re a carry-over from Forza 4 – so the reviewer is obviously a little misinformed.

That aside, people seem to love the game. “Forza Horizon is a big, exciting game that finally brings car enthusiasts together with the realistic open roads they crave,” says the usually rather trustworthy Eurogamer.

Most seem to think that the game makes the Forza Universe more whole. Gaming Examiner says “ If exploration, freedom, just relaxing and having fun in my car is what I’m looking for, then Horizon is there for me. The Forza series is expanding beyond the racetrack, and Horizon represents a fantastic first salvo into the greater Forza world”

Destructoid equally heaped praise on the racer, saying “Forza Horizon mixes authentic racing with an open world to create a unique game that will appeal to both hardcore car freaks and casual racers. Playground Games took a humungous, beautiful world, packed it full of entertaining challenges and events, added in tons of personality and style, and built it all around the proven Forza tech,  giving racing game fans an exceptional automotive experience that they didn’t even know they wanted.”

Forza Horizon will be out on the 360 on October 26.

Last Updated: October 12, 2012

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