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Fruit Ninja review excites and disappoints me

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The first Fruit Ninja review that I’ve read has left me excited and disappointed at the same time.

I’ve had Fruit Ninja on my phone for ages now and it’s easily one of the simplest and yet most entertaining titles available on phones at the moment but even so I stopped playing with it quite a while back as it’s simplicity ended up meaning that there really is very little to the game.

You cut fruit and avoid bombs, repeat ad nauseam, so when they announced they were working on a Kinect tile I was intrigued and yet left hoping it would be an improved and fuller title.

But according to the first review that I’ve seen the game is a 90% direct port from the mobile version which leaves me struggling to decide whether to lay out the 800 points to pick it up or not.

The reasons against picking it up are obvious since I’ve played the game to death but yet on the other side it does apparently have some fantastic Kinect integration that tracks your dual blades (hands) perfectly and does look like a lot of fun, even if only for a few minutes.

The second reason to give the game a go would be to try out the co-op multiplayer component where two of you can hack and slash wildly together on the same screen, something which I have a feeling my kids would enjoy for a while.

In the end it’s only 800 points and that may be a small enough price tag for my curiosity to win out, I just wish Half-Brick studio’s had added in a bit more to the title. A simple story line would have been a great addition.

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Last Updated: August 10, 2011

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