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Gears of War 3 is the best selling game of 2011

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We loved Gears of War 3, we gave it a 9/10 and an Editors Choice Award and the more I have played of the game the more satisfied I am with the praise that we heaped upon it.

And we’re not alone, the rest of the civilised world also loves Gears of War 3 so much so that it has now become the best selling game of 2011 by selling over 3 million units in its first week.

That’s quite an incredible feat for a single platform game and according to my quick research is actually a better first week than GT5 which surprised me somewhat.

It’s first weeks sales has also pushed the overall franchise sales to over a billion dollars which again is something pretty special.

Obviously it won’t keep the title of best selling title of 2011 moving forward as Battlefield 3 and MW3 are both coming out in the next few weeks and I expect them both to outsell Gears of War 3 but for a less mass market title it’s done amazingly well for itself.

Have you got your copy of Gears of War 3 yet? If not why not?

Last Updated: September 30, 2011

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