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GelaSkins – Reviewed – All Hardware

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By Philip Dunkley

Every now and then, okay more often than that, working in the Gaming industry has a few advantages. Firstly, we get to see most of the games, and then we see a lot of the hardware to run those games on, but it’s very seldom we get a chance to review all the cool accessories that go hand in hand with these games, so when the opportunity arises, I grab it with both hands.

Enter GelaSkins, artistic vinyl covers for all things electronic. Notebook, IPhones, IPods and portable gaming consoles. At first when they contacted me from the States, I was rather excited, as I have been a user of this product on my IPod before, and was very happy with the quality of these covers and the resistance and protection these little sticky delights offered was amazing. Not only do you get the chance to pimp out your gadget with really cool art from over 50 artists, but you also get to protect the device from scratches and dings, and we all know what those do for the appearance of our Shiny PSP’s and DS’s.

These things are versatile, easy to install, removable and reusable. Installing the cover took about a minute on my DS and it looks great from the outset. Another advantage of these vinyls is that you don’t need to remove anything to fit them into docks and accessories, as these things add almost zero bulk to the unit. I’ve also done a bit of stress testing on the leftover pieces, and can safely say that it’s gonna take a serious amount of abuse to scratch your unit with these covers on.

Then we get down to looks. The artists that design these GelaSkins are highly talented people, and if you’re one of those people who like to stand out in a crowd, you won’t be disappointed here. Another great feature that this company will offer is customised graphics for companies and individuals allowing for greater brand awareness and promotion.

These are not going to prevent dropping damage, but offer a decent level of protection, and if you are anything like me, who hates aftermarket bulky covers on my devices, these little beauties are the ideal solution.

Go to www.gelaskins.com for more info, and I’ve seen them on sale in Look & Listen stores countrywide.

Many Thanks to Brian Dunn from GelaSkins for providing us with the samples, my DS looks like a dream now.

Last Updated: May 30, 2008

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  1. You can also look at myskins.co.za as well for skinning everything. Buddy got a custom pic for his laptop and it looks wicked.


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