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Gran Turismo 6 review round up

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Gran Turismo 6 is out today, ahead of the date I had personally expected it to be released. It’s not yet 2097. Still, it’s out today. Is it the best racing simulation available on consoles, or has that microtransaction nonsense ruined the game?

It seems to have critics pretty divided; it’s far from the universal praise you’d expect from a new Gran Turismo.

Videogamer – 6/10: Gran Turismo 6 ends up feeling stubborn to adapt to modernity. Its myriad landscapes are barren and unexciting, while the music sounds like it’s been ripped straight from a Ron Jeremy compilation VHS.
Polygon – 9/10: Polyphony Digital’s love for cars has always been clear, but it’s always felt a little cold and mechanical. The benefits of that technical expertise still exist in Gran Turismo 6, but they’re put to much more enthusiastic use. The result is a massive, passionate game and a fitting final lap for the PlayStation 3.

Gamesradar – 4.5/5: Gran Turismo 6 rights almost all of the wrongs of its predecessor to deliver one of the most expansive, beautiful and enjoyable racing simulations ever seen. If only the AI and damage modelling were better, this would be the perfect racing game.

– 8/10: Gran Turismo 6’s problems are baggage the series has been carrying since 1997; the second you thunk into a wall at 200 kilometres per hour and drive off scot-free, or hop into a belching V8 that sounds more like a wheezing milkshake maker, the glass shatters and the illusion breaks with it. But when you’re on one of Gran Turismo 6’s absolutely gorgeous tracks, fused with the car you’re controlling, attacking apexes with confidence and devouring sectors with steely precision, it’s not hard to see why this series is deservedly regarded as one of the best of its kind, and this one is no exception.

Telegraph – 5/5: Ultimately, a game, not matter how good, is still just a game. It simply can’t replicate thegt61 sensations of driving a real car, and is thus no direct replacement for the thrill of real-life racing. However, for the time being it’s about as close as you can get and for a fraction of the cost of doing just one track day. We love it.

NowGamer – 7/10: If you haven’t bought Gran Turismo 5 then – unsurprisingly – this is the one you should opt for if you have any interest. However with Gran Turismo 6, much like a dying swan, the PS3 won’t be making an elaborate splash but, instead, quietly fading out of existence.

Gamesbeat – 6.5/10: More importantly, Polyphony did nothing to make me care. Outside of a few beginner driving lessons, it feels as if you’re supposed to know all of this stuff already, and that could alienate some of the new blood this aging franchise needs to stay relevant in the next console generation.

We’ve got our own review coming soon; we’ve dragged our former resident petrolhead Nick out for another spin. Are you picking up GT6?

Last Updated: December 6, 2013

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