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In just under a week’s time, it’ll be time to finish the fight again when Master Chief returns to mop up The Flood (amongst others) with the release of Halo 4, undoubtedly the biggest Xbox 360 exclusive of the year. Friends who’ve been playing it tell me they wish 343 had gotten hold of the series ages ago, that Bungie’s stagnation is now readily apparent. I think that means they like it. But what do reviews say?

Mostly, they say it’s pretty amazing.

“Halo 4 is Halo – a surprisingly successful, mandatory step for 343 Industries,” says Joystiq’s Ludwig Kietzman, who’s not one for showering undeserved praise. “But the game strives for more than competence, giving it a forceful march and a decadent show of strength. Our doubt and questioning of Halo’s continued existence has, in some small way, helped deliver one of the best games in the series and one of the finest shooters in years.”

Polygon, who usually scores things using the full 10-point scale says it’s …”easily the best campaign experience in a shooter or action title this year.”

With the lowest score so far of 80%, Eurogamer’s still brimming with praise; “Halo 4 is authentic, and assures 343’s role is more than a mere tribute act. Their delicate yet sprawling work may be more continuation than true expansion – and perhaps the true test comes in the next step – but for now, Halo returns with a bang, not a whimper.”

Though shooters aren’t really my thing, I’ve slowly been climbing up on the hype train thanks to some incredible trailers and the excellent Forward Unto Dawn short web series. Now though? I’m all aboard the Halo train.

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

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