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Hardware Review: Orb PS3 Trigger enhancers and Analog thumb grips

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So this is just a quickie following on from yesterdays review of the Orb wireless PS3 controller. When I received that controller I also received 2 packets including some little plastic bits which are apparently PS3 trigger enhancers and some rubber nubs.

The trigger enhancers were easy enough to snap onto my existing Dualshock 3 and I have to admit are absolutely fantastic.

The DS3 is no longer a nightmare to use while playing a FPS game and I would never have believed that a R35 accessory could turn what is one of my most hated controllers into something I actually really like.

If you are a FPS fan on the PS3 and feel the triggers aren’t good enough then go and buy these now. It’s really as simple as it gets.

As for the Analog Thumb Grips, I’ve never had a problem with the thumb grips on the DS3 before so I didn’t have the same reaction to these as I did with the enhancers however that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

You get two options with the thumb grips, a concave and a convex option and both snap on relatively easily. They do feel great and I personally prefer the concave versions which are now on my DS3.

The controller feels better with them on and I’m not planning on ever removing them either. If you feel the thumbsticks are a bit slippery or just not right then these are a perfect solution.


The trigger enhancers are an absolute must have while the thumb grips are good but I’m not entirely sure they are needed

Pros: You don’t have to hate your DS3 anymore, these 2 additions really do make it a better controller

Cons: None, they are affordable, good quality and improve everything. Go get them

Question: Why didn’t the Orb controller have these triggers?

Last Updated: December 15, 2011

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