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I’ve got some pretty fond memories of Homeworld. Until that game had been released, I was content to play Age Of Empires II, reveling in 2D medieval warfare as I wave after wave of expendable Teutonic Knight at my opponent until they finally surrendered when their kill limit activated. And then Homeworld came along, with its shiny visuals and 3D approach to strategy. It was freakin’ awesome. The classic RTS is back this year, in an even shinier new package. And so far, the game is a massive hit across the review boards.

Lazygamer (Hey that’s this place!) – 8.5/10

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The huge amount of work that went into modernising and reinterpreting the many visuals, from the ships to the wonderfully abstract nebulous backdrops feel like a massive love letter to both the original game, and to the fans who love it.

IGN – 9/10

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Homeworld: The Remastered Collection does a fantastic job of polishing up and reintroducing these formerly hard-to-experience classic real-time strategy games. Over the 15 years since it first came out, these exciting, large-scale space battles haven’t been matched, much less surpassed, and its outstanding atmosphere and story can teach modern game developers valuable lessons on how to make the most of simple animation, dramatic camera angles, and a largely classical score. With only a few missions and ideas that stand out as poor with the benefit of hindsight, it’s amazing how well Homeworld holds up as a single-player focused RTS, and I can recommend it as strongly today as we did in 1999.

Attack Of The Fanboy – 9/10

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Fans of the Homeworld series will thoroughly enjoy Homeworld Remastered Collection thanks to its combination of respect for the past and upgrades for the present. Those who have never experienced the games will find a perfect jumping on point for the series, as they can check out the originals in classic or upgraded form, the former will likely only be used to see the stark difference the remastered versions make. With their still fun and unique gameplay, and an exceptional HD upgrade, Homeworld Remastered Collection is a great reintroduction to this classic franchise.

IncGamers – 9/10

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It’s evident a lot of time, effort and care has gone into this release, which should be enough to refute any concerns about Homeworld Remastered being a cash-in. To make an old game feel new is never easy, but that’s what Gearbox has successfully achieved. This is a must-have game, perhaps even if you’ve played the originals. If you haven’t yet played them, it should be a simple decision to do so.

God Is A Geek – 9/10

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At its core, Homeworld Remastered is as good as the Homeworld games ever were – and the originals do come included in the price – and to complain of some pacing issues would be churlish. Gearbox has taken two of the finest RTSs ever made and turned them into something you’d be proud to show off on any modern gaming PC. Fans of the originals will fall in love with this, and if you missed them the first time around you’re getting two of the very best RTSs ever made with this.

Solid stuff. If you’re yearning to explore the cosmos, then the game is out right now. Set nostalgia engines to maximum.

Last Updated: February 25, 2015

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