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Killzone 2 gets its first review, which is promptly pulled

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A Swedish website (who shall not be named*) has become instantly famous for breaking the embargo on Killzone 2 reviews by putting up it’s review.

The Sony SWAT team quickly swung into action and the offending piece has now been removed but not before the entire thing was syndicated around the Internet and the damage done.

So let’s get to it then, the piece we all want to know is how well did it score? Well to be honest not as well as I expected, Killzone 2 was given 4 out of 5 wihch relates to a good game but nothing overly spectacular. The main problem that was picked up was it’s lack of co-operative play which I feel is a really wrong as a game shouldn’t be marked down purely because they didn’t feel like co-op would add to the experience.

You are meant to be rating the game in front of you and not what you would have done if you had the ability to create games like this.

The translated mini review is below

The controls are good and the environments feel natural, raw and uncouth and that’s where Killzone 2 succeeds compared to many other shooters; it feels more personal, it’s easier to identify with your character and to feel connected with your teammates. Co-op is noticeably missing, which is odd, and Killzone 2 isn’t doing much new with the genre but it is great enough to succeed without launching for the Christmas Sales Period

On a side note the website has given it’s last 4 games 4/5 as well so maybe it’s just their standard review score, 4/5 doesn’t sound that bad but when you translate it to 80% it starts sounding a little dire for Killzone 2. I don’t know when the embargo is going to be lifted as we weren’t privy to seeing this game early but with a release date just around the corner (mid Feb) I would expect to see some big sites publishing their reviews from the beginning of February?

*I won’t name the site because breaking embargo’s is a very bad thing and just hurts the industry in the end, it’s not difficult to only post your articles up after the embargo has been lifted.

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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