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Kotaku gave Kane & Lynch 5 stars!! or did they

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According to the Kane & Lynch website, Kotaku.com gave the game 5 stars and had the following to say

Kane & Lynch makes Grand Theft Auto look like the cartoon it is

Which seems suprising since most other reviewers are not so sure about the game, well as it turn out neither are Kotaku…

Eidos decided to add the 5 stars itself and has taken a quote from a Kotaku journalist who had a few minutes of game time at E3…. sad but true…

I for one am very happy that I don’t need to waste R500 on this game now as I feel a boycott is in order… That and the game sounds like it sucks.

Eidos: Did We Give Kane & Lynch 5 Stars?

Last Updated: December 4, 2007

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