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Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a dogs mess

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Half a picture for half a game

I called it, the first reviews for EA’s military shooter have started hitting the Internet and it’s an abysmal failure. The best score I’ve seen so far is 7/10 with the worst being 4.5/10.

We’ll add scores as we find them but so far this list is pretty miserable reading for EA Games.

I think what’s really telling here is that the bigger the site the lower the score.. we haven’t received a review copy yet and to be blunt I’m pretty pissed about the poor way the local media is being treated by EA but what can you do?

At least they sent us a 27 page reviewers guide that explains all the fantastic things that we can expect in the game and is designed to help us review the title… you think I’m kidding? It’s here (until the 29th of November and it’s 14Mb)

Also we don’t offer editorial to run competitions, why would you even ask such a thing?

So who’s up for some more Borderlands while we wait for the next big release?

Last Updated: October 25, 2012

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