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Mirror's Edge – First Reviews Incoming

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Eurogamer have put up their review of Mirror’s Edge and it is a review full of mixed feelings but the look of it.

The reviewew, Christian Donlan, seemed to be struggling with how he felt about this game however the one thing that really did come across quite strongly is that the game is not perfect and is riddled with flaws and imperfections. But nothing bad enough to make the game unplayable…

The biggest concern I had from the review is that we are going to be spending a little to much time crawling through air ducts which seems to compeltely go against the idea of Parkour but hopefully it isn’t to over the top.

He also mentioned the complete lack of civilians in the game, which thinking about it is the case in the demo as well. Strange how that wasn’t picked up earlier.

Through all it’s flaws and imperfections I still have intentions of picking the game up, if it is priced appropriately for a 7 hours game that is.

Source: Eurogamer

Oh for those who worry about the scoring, it got an 8

Last Updated: November 10, 2008

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