One of my all time favourite games was the BMX part of California Games, yes I’m that old. But ever since then I’ve not been able to find a good BMX or Motocross game and so when Motocross Madness arrived for review I started to get excited again.


The game is pretty straight forward, you play as your Xbox Avatar and you start off with a low classed motocross bike and need to rank up by winning races. The racing is simple with right trigger being used to go fast, left trigger to stop going fast and the analogue stick to direct the fast going-ness.

Each race track has a multitude of jumps and possible short cuts that you need to navigate to make sure you get to the end in first, second or third to open up the next level.

Along the way you can perform tricks over the jumps by pushing one of the modifier buttons and pushing the stick in a certain direction. The bigger the trick the more points you get and the more boost your boost bar receives. When you have boost you can push A to nitro yourself forward.


Along the way you can pick up gold coins and boost badges which give you an instant boost. At the end of the race you are rewarded with a certain amount of gold coins depending on how well you did and you can then use those to buy new bikes, clothing, helmets or simply upgrade your existing bike.

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Alongside the standard race options are 8 player multiplayer, split screen co-op, stunt mode and free roam explore where the objective is to collect 99 coins and 9 skulls. The skulls are impossible and slightly addictive.

The more you play the more tracks and stunts become unlocked, in the beginning you can simply do a little jump and handle bar turn but in the end you are doing backward somersaults while the bike freewheels through the air.


It’s not a complicated or really in-depth title but it is an incredible amount of fun and something that is great for those 15 (45) minutes that you have spare while the wife or girlfriend is getting ready to go out.

Or while you’re waiting for the bathroom to detoxify after your male appendage has just killed it.

For a mere 800 points I can’t think of any reason at all not to pick this one up and jump online for some crazy avatar motocross action.

Last Updated: April 23, 2013

Motocross Madness
A fantastic, if possibly a little simplistic motocross racing title that will keep you entertained for way longer than it really should.

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    My favourite was Dave Mirra BMX

    Hehehe, played that thing VROT!

  • Anon A Mouse

    California Games FTW!! Me and my friends used to fight over that game it was total awesomeness.

    • There will never be a game like Cali Games… well not in my mind at least, I played that game until the floppy disks stopped working O.o

    • Skoobaz

      Surf’s up dude! Classic california games, and that weird one with the ball kicking. WTF was that?!

      • Hackey Sack or something… that was awesome

        • Anon A Mouse

          They called it freestyle footbag. But I loved all the games, the frisbee, surfing, rollerskates and the half pipe as well.

          I remember the earthquake that made the H of Hollywood fall down, while doing the half pipe, George the seagull that you could hit with the footbag to earn extra points and the Jaws music that plays it a shark appears after you fell of your surfing board. #nostalgialevelunlock

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