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MtG Avacyn Restored Angelic Might review – Herald of the angels

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Are you new to the world of Magic with all these people shouting tap, in response, red red two and calling cards out by name, as if you are supposed to know exactly what it does? Fear not, because then the Intro Pack is made just for you. With a cheap price tag, an Intro Pack is a great place to start playing Magic: The Gathering.

Angelic Might, a green white deck, is all about surviving until your massive angels can swoop down for victory. To set up the board for your angels, you need to increase your life total to take a few hits and speed up your mana generation. Of course, there are several cards which help with this…

Borderland Ranger Cathedral Sanctifier

Borderland Ranger helps with making sure you never miss a land drop, which is great alongside Rampant Growth. Cathedral Sanctifier is a cheap way to gain life and gives you a body to throw in front of an attack.

Seraph of Dawn Herald of War

Seraph of Dawn is the beginning of the end for your opponent. Flying over the opponent’s creatures and snagging a bit of life every turn thanks to Lifelink, your opponent will have to deal extra damage to you every turn to get ahead.

Once the board is set, Herald of War comes out to play. The foil card in this Intro Pack, she does a great job of making sure you can afford to cast those expensive angels, while growing into a steadily larger threat too.

Angelic Might can be evolved in several ways, depending on how you like to play.

If you enjoy removal and control, a few more Oblivion Rings and Gideon’s Lawkeepers will help you to lock your opponent down until your flying army is ready.

Somberwald Sage Sigarda, Host of Herons

Revenge of the Hunted Entreat the Angels

If you prefer the more direct approach, add Somberwald Sage to reach your expensive creatures a little quicker, such as Sigarda, Host of Herons and watch your foe crumble. Hope for a Miracle, a new rule in the Avacyn Restored set: if a Miracle card is the first card you drew this turn, you can play it for its Miracle cost. Play Revenge of the Hunted for one mana to turn one of your creatures into a massive +6/+6 trampling beast that has to be blocked and watch your new engine of carnage lay waste to your foes. Otherwise, add Entreat the Angels and flood the battlefied with angel tokens.

The great joy of Magic is being able to tailor decks to do what you like. Innistrad is home to many amazing angels and humans and your deck does not have to be limited to just those creatures either (I sometimes get stuck building decks with a creature theme, such as my favourite staple for standard Magic, human decks.) If you are keen on starting Magic, or have been out of the game for a long time, an Intro Pack is the place to start. Who knows, your booster might have something awesome inside. Happy hunting. If this Intro Pack doesn’t float your boat, take a look for Solitary Fiends (Blue Black), Slaughterhouse (Red Black), Fiery Dawn (Red White) and Bound by Strength (Green Blue) which makes use of the new Soulbound mechanic.

Angelic Might


11  Forest
13  Plains
Seraph Sanctuary

25 lands
Angel of Glory’s Rise
Angelic Wall
Borderland Ranger
Cathedral Sanctifier
Emancipation Angel
Gideon’s Lawkeeper
Goldnight Redeemer
Herald of War
Seraph of Dawn
Serra Angel
Timberland Guide
Voice of the Provinces

21 creatures

Angel’s Tomb
Bladed Bracers
Builder’s Blessing
Defy Death
Oblivion Ring
Rampant Growth
Righteous Blow
Scroll of Avacyn
Triumph of Ferocity

14 other spells


Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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