Murdered: Soul Suspect Review Round-Up

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Geoff dropped a ton of paperwork on my desk, while sporting a facial expression that showed that he was visibly upset over my handling of the Revengeance killings. It seems that another massacre had taken place, with the victim being Murdered: Soul Suspect. Somebody was going to pay for this. And it would most likely be a recommended retail price of R599…

Murdered: Soul Suspect is almost upon us, and reactions to the afterlife sleuthing adventure are mixed at best. Despite it looking like an interesting deviation away from ludicrous action and being more of a supernatural whodunnit, it looks like this is a game that may not be able to solve the case of the middling review scores.

Let’s start from the best and work our way down the case:


MSS (2)

Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of the most surprisingly good games I’ve played in a long time. It manages to sell its bizarre premise and builds a solid, moving story out of it, and the plot-propelling investigations add immensely to the detective feel.


MSS (1)

Acquired taste though its investigative gameplay may be, Murdered gets everything nearly exactly right until its final act, at which point it seems determined to wreck everything it’s achieved.

Shack News6/10

MSS (7)

Murdered: Soul Suspect is definitely a qualified success. The richness of the atmosphere and charismatic lead performances pulled me through the story. That paired with a solid, no-frills investigation mechanic helped mitigate some of the technical problems and the sadly tacked-on demon hunting sequences. It’s a distinctly average experience, but it has enough going for it that I’m glad I was able to conquer the bugs and see it through.

IGN 5.5/10

MSS (4)

There are some great concepts in Murdered: Soul Suspect, but they feel undercooked or underutilised, and the lack of demand for any real input from us makes Murdered feel like a pick-a-path game where there’s only one path. It scrapes by on the power of its central whodunnit mystery, but I can’t help but feel that Murdered: Soul Suspect is ten hours worth of unfinished business.

CVG 5/10

MSS (5)

This is a detective game in which the detecting lacks any meaningful sense of engagement or reward (or punishment for failure, which is equally important), and the gaming is let down by too many inconsistent and frustrating systems.


MSS (1)

It’s really sad to see Murdered: Soul Suspect die on its feet. There’s some interesting characters and backstory, as well as some really great visuals (depending on what or who you’re looking at), but the game’s strengths are haunted by mediocre gameplay and substandard production values.


MSS (3)

But no matter how I look at it, there’s something disquieting to the blandness of Murdered: Soul Suspects. It’s a game about ghosts, demons, and the Salem witch trials. For a story that’s on some level interested in scaring its players, it never has the courage to let those same players make their own mistakes.

If you still fancy some gumshoe action, then Murdered: Soul Suspect will be out today in the US of A, and Friday for everyone else on PC, old and new-gen consoles.

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    So it’s an adventure game with a good story? Thanks handy review summaries. SOLD!

  • Hammersteyn

    This game just got “Murdered” in the reviews :/

    • Admiral Chief Kilo

      [insert horatio one-liner here]

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        “Do we have any suspects?”
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  • This made me SOO SAD, still looking forward to it

    • Hammersteyn

      Yeah but I’m not paying full price.

      • I’m probably gonna lol nothing else to waste money on

        • Admiral Chief Kilo

          Send ME money then

          • Can I play you??

          • Admiral Chief Kilo

            Do you want to? If so then we have a problem here

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        I’m paying no price! Special games bundled with your new gfx card for the win!

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        • Hammersteyn


  • Morne Nell

    Anything after watchdogs will get a crap review

  • Jonah Cash

    Really hope that they pulled this off, such a cool concept!! Sad really!!

  • Consumer of Little Rabbits

    how are these review scores so erratic? Seems to be par for the course these days, sans EA/Sony/MS titles. Makes you think neh?

    • Tauriq Moosa

      I love erratic review scores.

      • Consumer of Little Rabbits

        Im apathetic to it, just an odd thing I have picked up recently. I try to not decide any purchase without a few user reviews as well. I know i shouldnt find it weird, in fact its a mark of healthy analytical view across the ind. Would prefer it over the hands down 90% across the board bullshit aka titanfail

        • Tauriq Moosa

          Exactly. More like Titainfail, amirite? But seriously yes. Diverse scores means a reason for you to read carefully as a purchaser.

          • Consumer of Little Rabbits

            exactly, so effectively bodes well for us the consumer. Unfortunately we’ll need more of these type of scores to be published before we can claim causality.

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  • RinceofThis

    “I’ve got more soul…”

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