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Need for Speed ProStreet – Reviewed – Mobile

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By Philip Dunkley

Need for Speed - Mobile Mobile gaming has come a long way since we first started playing Snake, and developers seem to be using the capabilities of mobiles more and more these days. EA seem to be one of these developers, and they are pushing the boundaries on every release that comes out of there stable. Need for Speed ProStreet is no different, and up the ante on all previous releases.

One thing I have to mention on this title is that the graphics are really good, using the 3D capabilities of the Sony Ericsson really well. The car models are particularly well done, and for the first time you are able to distinguish the different models quite well from each other and the level of detail is of a very high standard.

Gameplay is another good element of this game, and the career mode is where everything happens.

Need for Speed - Mobile You basically have the game controlling the acceleration of whatever vehicle you are currently driving, giving you the ability to focus on the steering and nitro boost functions of the car. Each event has three races and you need to win all of these to progress to the next event and unlock a code which can be used in the Console versions for extra bonuses. It’s not a particularly long career mode, but will give you your daily racing fix.

A really nice mechanic of the game is the drift mode. This is basically activated by hitting the 5 key on the keypad the moment you hit a corner, and your vehicle will instantly enter drift mode. This needs to be controlled and a gauge pops onto screen, and the line needs to be kept in the green range by hitting left and right, similar to balancing a grind in a skating game. Should this prove to be successful, you will be rewarded with extra Nitrous Oxide, a speed boost out of the corner and some cold hard cash, which can be used to upgrade your car or buying a better car. Should you get this wrong, and your car will begin flipping through the air like a kite, you will lose some serious time.

This brings me to the next mechanic in the game. Upgrading your car. This is a very basic element with the player choosing a specific performance area on the car to upgrade, for example Top Speed or handling etc.

On the sound front, this is the weakest part of the game by a mile. It’s a loop of music that becomes so irritating, that it just has to be disabled. Be Warned!!

The game is not an original masterpiece, and we’ve seen this time and time before, but it’s a solid racing title, and feels like a game that has not been rushed out just to cash in on a console title. There is still a long way to go before these racing games on mobiles become anything like their console counterparts, but it’s still a good step in the right direction for the genre, and will keep many people occupied for a while.

I would also like to add a bit of icing on the cake to this Need for Speed - Mobilegame. Should you own a Sony Ericsson phone with motion sensing abilities, this game is compatible, so instead of turning with the keypad, you just tilt the phone, and it works like a dream, bringing a whole new dimension to the game.

Thanks to EA South Africa for providing us with the game, and a mobile to review it on!!

Graphics – 80%
Sound – 30%
Playability – 80%
Replay Value – 60%
Overall – 75% (Good)

To get your copy of Need For Speed ProStreet head on over to either www.vodafonelive.co.za, www.mtn.co.za or www.exactmobile.co.za and follow the instructions.

Last Updated: March 14, 2008

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