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Nokia Lumia 800 mini-review

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I recently had the chance to play around with the new Nokia Lumia for a few weeks, experimenting with its capabilities and pushing it to see what it’s really capable of. In fact, there’s a full, more technical review of its digital wizardry right here on our sister site, Tegato.

But I want to talk today more about the gaming aspect of this phone, how it handles, looks and performs.

As a windows 7 phone, you’d expect some sort of link between the Nokia, and the Microsoft owned Xbox 360 console, and you’d be absolutely correct in this assumption. Anyone with an Xbox Live account can link it onto the phone, and the first time you see your personal avatar, albeit miniaturised on the little screen, is a pleasing feeling.

With this connection, players can access their account with quick swipes, much the same way as they would on the console itself, checking in on friends, specials and activity, but the real kicker here, is using the phone as a remote control on your Xbox 360.


Swipe the menus on the Lumia phone, and you’ll see it unfold on your bigger TV screen, while certain games will also feature a form of linking connectivity. For instance, Kinectimals has Lumia support, in the form of acquiring assets for your pet on the smaller screen, which can then be uploaded through the Kinect device, which will then be reflected on the larger screen.

It’s a fantastic idea that works well, and hopefully it’ll be one that Microsoft continues to develop on instead of ditching, as the potential here for taking games to another level is staggering.

If you want to find out more about the device however, head on over to our full review on Tegato.


Last Updated: March 30, 2012

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