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PlayStation Vita reviews round-up: It’s a winner!

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The PlayStation Vita isn’t quite available yet; it’ll be on store shelves in just over a week’s time. That hasn’t stopped international media outlets from reviewing its launch titles though; embargoes dropped yesterday like flies after a Raid assault, flooding the internet with opinions and, importantly (apparently!), scores.

Here’s what the world thinks of the PlayStation Vita.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Drake’s latest adventure is getting some mixed, but mostly favourable reviews. Some outlets say it’s a must-buy title, giving you an uncompromised console-experience in the palm of your hands, while others say it’s a fun, but formulaic romp that doesn’t quite match up to its console counterparts.

WipEout 2048


Sony’s futuristic racer once again comes in first place, although it’s apparently a little too familiar, and beset with long load-times. Reviewers say it’s still the best racing title available on the fledgling handheld, and if you want a racing title at launch, this is the one to get.

ModNation Racers


Cute and colourful, ModNation hasn’t quite managed to escape from under LittleBigPlanet’s shadow. Though it’s a competent racer, reviewers have called it a bit of a rushed cash-in.

Everybody’s Golf


The closest thing Sony has to a Nintendo-ey game, Everybody’s Golf (Hotshots) is cute and cheerful – but deep and packed with features.

Little Deviants


This seems to be one of the biggest disappointments in the launch library. Little Deviants ends up as an uninspired collection of mini-games that serves as more of a tech-demo for the Vita’s new input options than a full-fledged game.

Reality Fighters


< p>This augmented-reality fighting game ends up as more of a curiosity than a necessity, better suited as a technical showcase than a real game.

FIFA Football


It’s FIFA, and it’s portable. More accessible than its console versions, FIFA on the PSV is a pared-down version of last year’s football game.

Super Stardust Delta


Successor to one of my very favourite PSN games, the frantic twin-stick shooter still hits all the right notes, with some calling it one of the system’s best launch games. It’s also free you activate 3G on your more expensive Vita – so it’s definitely one to get.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


Capcom’s port of the insanely frenetic fighter makes few compromises,delivering a nearly perfect portable version of the game that features extensive on-line capabilities. It does, however, have some dodgy touch-screen controls.

As far as the hardware goes, everybody seems to be gushing over it, calling it the perfect argument for keeping dedicated handhelds around, and a swiss-army knife of entertainment features.

So far, it seems like the Vita is an essential bit of gaming gear for the core gamer – though it doesn’t seem like it’s essential right now. We don’t have a Vita yet, but you can expect our impressions when we do. What I do know is that my technolust is getting the better of me, and I MUST HAVE ONE.

Last Updated: February 14, 2012

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