As soon as we heard that a new new Rabbids game was heading our way for review I instantly volunteered to take it home for a test drive, I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the Rabbids for a few years now (don’t judge me) and while the games haven’t evolved much in that time they were all still fun.

Would Rabbids Alive & Kicking use of Kinect push this title to the next level or is it just a simple IP cash in?

The premise of Rabbids Alive & Kicking is simple, you need to save the world (again) from the Rabbids (again) because they want to take it over (again).. so nothing new then and not to mention the Rabbids could hardly take over an abandoned mudpit in the forest never mind the planet so we really do have very little to worry about.

Yet while the story is dated it’s still that age old Rabbids humour that gets me everytime and I shudder to think that one day Ubisoft may actually try and shoe horn in a real story thanks to some stupid online critic complaining about the lack of one, hopefully that never happens.

We first played this game at my wife’s birthday party, while the adults were outside partaking in mineral water and croissants the kids were inside. Before everyone arrived I had setup the Kinect in the lounge with the latest Kinect titles and the Wii in the playroom with it’s latest goodies. I thought it would be a nice experiment to see if firstly they would even turn the things on to play and then what they would play.


It took about 3 hours before the eldest kid turned the Xbox on and the first game he put in was Rabbids. About 5 minutes later every single kid at the party was crammed into the lounge and taking turns hiding from, dancing with and slapping Rabbids.

The mix of mini games in this collection utilise the Kinect brilliantly and while you’re still stuck with the fact that the Kinect isn’t overly accurate the game caters very well with what it has.

Besides the obvious motion controlling ability of the game the other nice effect is the augmented reality which is just a fancy term for saying that you will see yourself and your lounge on the screen while interacting with the Rabbids.

There are around 40 minigames to enjoy though to be fair a lot of them are quite similar and the experience can become a bit monotonous after a while if you’re not doing it with the right people.

All in all you get what you expect from Rabbids Alive and Kicking and while it’s not the best Rabbids game out there it isn’t a complete waste. If you’re looking for something for the kids to do this holiday season then I doubt this will keep them occupied for long enough but if you want a fun Kinect party title to add to your collection then you could do worse than picking this up for a mere R351 from TakeaLot or R330 from kalahari.com


Gameplay: 7/10

It’s fun and jovial and great for parties but you’ll find it lacking any depth what so ever and it won’t keep you going for hours on end

Design and Presentation: 8/10

I think it looks awesome and apart from the fact that it takes photo’s of me it looks pretty good

Value: 8/10

It’s only R330 and will put your Kinect to use again so that’s not all bad now is it? It’s also the sort of game you’ll keep pulling out over time so while it’s not very deep it should have lasting value.

Overall: 7/10

I wanted to like it more than I really did but that doesn’t make it a bad game, it’s just not a mind blowing experience. But it’s great for parties and for some good old fashioned family fun. Squishing bunnies and throwing them out of skyscrapers…

Last Updated: December 2, 2011

Rabbids: Alive and Kicking

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