Raven’s Cry might be one of the worst games of 2015

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Ravens Cry (3)

It’s a bit disconcerting that we haven’t seen any truly magnificent games so far this year. Sure, we’ve seen some good games, but they’re the kind of titles which aren’t exactly game of the year material. And now, we might have a solid contender for the very worst game of the year so far, halfway into February.

Raven’s Cry, a pirate-themed RPG wherein players can set sail and plunder ideas that were done better by Assassin’s Creed IB: Black Flag in 2013, is currently getting shredded by the reviews available from journalists who managed to survive the game. They’ve all pretty much rated the game Aaaar for repulsive. Some gems include:

Attack Of The Fanboy – 40/100

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Raven’s Cry features the type of bugs, oddities, and imperfections that you would encounter from a game that was in Early Access.  However, it’s not in Early Access — Raven’s Cry is a complete and finished game according to its developers.   It might have had a chance to be the consummate pirate adventure had Reality Pump executed on their vision, but the game’s decent naval combat systems and ship progression can’t make up for the mediocrity found in the areas that surround them.

GameSpot – 10/100

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All of the other complaints that can be levied against Raven’s Cry are legion, but you can force yourself to soldier through them if you really want to, although I pity anyone who voluntarily spends any time with this game. What truly puts Raven’s Cry in the pantheon of the worst games of all time is that story progression can easily become totally impossible. After slugging through 17 hours of the game, a bug in a story portion of the game–where there was only one way back to the overworld out of the labyrinthine temple I’d been exploring–crashed my computer over and over again at the same point. I turned the game off, came back a couple of hours later, and tried again. The game crashed again. And I’d had enough.

IGN – 30/100

Ravens Cry (4)

i genuinely do think the potential for a good pirate game is in here, somewhere, but Raven’s Cry is a mess of bugs, hazards, hiccups, oversights, and progression-halting crashes. If you never set foot on land, its ship-to-ship combat might be respectable, but this adventure insists on taking you places no self-respecting pirate captain should go. Sail clear of these trouble waters – here be dragons.

Meristation – 30/100

Raven’s Cry has a couple of good ideas and potential to be a good pirate game but it has a lot of graphics and sound problems and a very poor combat system. A little deception for fans of the pirate’s world.

The game is currently out on PC,PS3 and PS4. I’m being extra nice to Gavin, so that I don’t get stuck reviewing in it in case a code finds its way to us.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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