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Resogun is the best PS4 launch game

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Knack isn’t very good and Killzone: Shadow Fall borders being generic (but is still mind-blowing gorgeous). Is there an exclusive launch PlayStation 4 game worth playing? Well yes, yes there is – and it’s Housemarque’s shooter Resogun. I’ve been really keen on it, because I have an unnatural love for their PS3 games; Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation. Here’s what folks are saying about Resogun.

  • Eurogamer – 8/10: Resogun really is that rare kind of arcade game that feels like an entirely different beast when played on the toughest setting. It’s also the closest the PS4 launch line-up gets to offering a genuine next-gen thrill. Granted, Housemarque’s not offering the shock of the new, perhaps – all of the developer’s best ideas are actually reassuringly elderly – but it’s working with energy, enthusiasm, precision and love. Oh, and voxels. Look at them scatter!
  • Destructoid – 9.5/10: Resogun is a satisfying arcade-style game with a next-gen look and feel — the ideal system launch game. It’s an eye-searing blur of a loop that you’ll be happy to jump into again and again. Don’t miss it.
  • IGN – 9/10: With some deceptively simple changes, Housemarque took a genre nearly as old as videogaming itself and made a tense, challenging, and excellent shooter. It may be short, but its addictive cycle of cylindrical shooter gameplay, great looks, and catchy music make it worth replaying in endless pursuit of that high score on the leaderboard.
  • CVG – 9/10: One of the most exciting, lavishly produced twin-stick shooters in the history of the genre. Geometry Wars finally has a proper rival.
  • Joystiq – 4/5: Resogun is a smart, merciless little shooter, with just enough substance to match its extravagant flash. The humans are a welcome pain, as they always are, conspiring with relentless enemies and ostentatious graphical effects to exterminate boredom at every opportunity. Resogun may be built out of blocks, but its heart is set on another round.

The best bit? It’s free to PlayStation Plus members – and is quite probably the first thing I’ll be playing on my shiny new PS4 when it launches here next month.

Last Updated: November 14, 2013

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