I’m Batman.

There is no phrase that comes close to the feeling of awe and power that radiates from this succinct statement. There is something empowering and intoxicating about donning the hood of the caped crusader, as Darryn can so artfully attest to.


If you have been living under a rock, you may have not heard of this game. For me, it is something special. My first game review was of Batman. While it wasn’t for Lazygamer (Shock! Horror!) It was the piece of writing that caught Geoff’s attention and he dragged me deep into his world of sordid synonyms and limericks. But I digress. At that time, for some unholy reason, I didn’t get the catwoman codes for review, which made me miss the order of things. When I got the GOTY edition, which didn’t seem to see any of my game saves, I hopped into the DLC, only to be severely schooled by armed and armoured foes. I was horribly out of practice and Batman, while having his gadgets, had the tiniest health bar. So I dove into a new game, enjoying a seamless experience. This is the way Batman is meant to be played. Unlike the collector’s edition, which required multiple downloads and about one dozen codes to type in, this game of the year edition has everything on the disc. No patches. Not even on the PlayStation 3.* It is ready to get popped into your machine and off you go, into the dark, foreboding night.


If you haven’t read it yet, read Darryn’s review here. If that doesn’t convince you, then mentioning the four extra challenge maps that have been added will do little to sway your decision. Actually, I would like to know who you are in the comments section at the bottom, because we need to talk, okay?


The included DLC, Harley’s Revenge, takes part just after the main story of the game, so don’t select it in the menu without finishing the game first! Sadly it felt far too short and does little to explain Batman’s current mental state, an odd choice in a world where psychology and psychological disorders are such central themes. Besides that, you get to spend some time playing as Robin, who is actually a pretty good fighter (despite being Robin) with a few interesting gadgets of his own, using his telescopic staff (that sounds dirty) and several attachments to it, like a handy shield. While I can’t tell you why Bird Boy is there, he has a great feel in his exploration, which is sadly limited to mostly indoor arenas.


There is something to be said about a game that is so inviting you feel compelled to play it all again, especially in a world where the next big thing is always hanging over our heads. Batman Arkham City is still just as engrossing as it was during my previous visit. It was just as enjoyable too, despite the looming backlog of games towering next to my TV.

* At the time of writing this review. Who knows what will happen?

Last Updated: December 4, 2012

Arkham City GOTY edition

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