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Steam lets you be a critic

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For those of you who prefer the opinions of your fellow gamers over those of professional game critics up in their ivory towers, user reviews are where its at. For many gamers, those often illegible, barely constructed sentences filled with caps and racial epithets offer greater insights in to games’ worth than those of the people who’re paid to critique. And now, those will be available on Steam.

Today Valve launched a new Steam beta feature that will allow users to rate and review games. Called Steam Reviews, it’s essentially what you’d see n retail sites like Amazon or on Metacritic’s user reviews, where gamers will be able to read and write reviews, and then vote vote on ones you like or dislike. You’ll also be able to follow and filter by authors you agree with – which should make finding games you like quite a bit easier.

"Once a user has played a game or used a software title on Steam, they are able to write a review of that product and share their experience with everyone on Steam," the company explains, noting that it’ll also show how much time said user has spent playing the game – so you can see if people are trolling.

Steam reviews won’t replace the Metacritic reviews that are already shown on games, but will supplement them. the difference here is that developers will be able to respond to user reviews directly.

You can read about the whole thing here.

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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