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Stranglehold – Reviewed

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This is another one of those games that you often see on the shelf in stores and are unsure about whether to buy it or not…. There hasn’t been much mentioned about it really and it isn’t ground breaking in any way..

So should you pick it up? Absolutely, this game is one of the best gaming experiences you will have this year. It is a truly awesome cinematic experience.

The story in a nutshell… You are a kick ass cop in Hong Kong named Tequila… who has to go and kill a bunch of people… okay the story is more in depth than that but since this game plays out like a movie it would be a bit unfair telling you the story now wouldn’t it…

As you play through the game you get to unlock some Tequila Bombs. Such as

Precision Aim – which slows down time and allows you to zoom in to make the shot. What is truly impressive is the reaction of the guy when you shoot him. If you aim for his neck it will spurt blood everywhere and he will grab his neck. Same for the eye and wherever else you hit him….

Barrage – Tequila becomes virtually invincible and you get to mow down tons of enemies without worrying about personal damage or your ammo being depleted… Arm yourself with a shotgun, activate Barrage and walk into a room of enemies…. just awesome…

The last and possibly coolest one to watch is

Spin Attack – This is where Tequila will drop to his knee and take out everyone around him with unnerving accuracy… I think it looks coolest when you are armed with dual pistols…

So does this all sound a little far fetched? Well it is, completely and utterly ridiculous. You are virtually invincible and can easily take out everyone with your little pistol even though they are all armed with automatic weapons… but who cares it is just so much fun…

Every time you jump time is slowed down for effect and to make it easier to aim and kill people, virtually everything is destructible and you can swing on chandeliers and slide down banisters while blowing the living crap out of everything…

Killing people should never be this entertaining….

The box said there is a multi-player element to this game, but there isn’t… It sucks so badly you really have to wonder if the testers ever even tried it.. My personal recommendation is that you never try it. It will only disappoint you after playing the brilliant single player element of the game.

Single Player – 8.5/10 (Yes I preferred it to the brilliant Call of Duty 4 SP)
Multi Player  – 0/10 (Unplayable and should never have been included)

Stranglehold is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 right now and is well worth the money. This review was based on the 360 version.

Last Updated: November 30, 2007

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