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The Gamers Exchange – Reviewed

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I have always been a big fan of trading console games, especially to try those titles that really didn’t look very good but I am interested in take a look anyway.

However trading over forums and through other websites is always risky, the vast majority of people are perfectly honest but there is always the risk of being scammed. Then you have the other option of trading in games at retail stores but you rarely get the proper value for the game and it can often be more of a mission than it’s worth.

So I don’t know what took so long but someone has finally taken the initiative and created an online trading marketplace with a difference. Instead of trading with other people through the website you trade with the website itself.

The way it works is that you head on over to www.tgx.co.za and register an account. Then using the search option on the right you either search for a title that you want to send them or a title that you want back.

You will invariably find the game and then you will see that it has been classified into 5 different categories. Category 1’s are brand spanking new titles (Burnout: Paradise City) and then are obviously worth the most as well. Category 5 is the bottom of the pile and normally contains the older PlayStation2 titles and some cult classics.

Oh yeah did I forget to mention that TGX trades games on Xbox 360, Wii, PS2 and PS3 which is especially helpful when you are trying to trade in a pile of PS2 games for a new PS3 game.

There is a price difference between what they will give you for a trade in adverse to the selling cost of the same game but it is minimal (+-R40) and it does include shipping which then makes it a bargain as you have to remember you are also paying for TGX to validate that the games are in good condition and legal.

Another nice benefit is even if you don’t see a game that you want right away you can send them your old games and they will credit your account with the points to use at a later date. So if you have finished a new game and won’t be playing it again then send it in and wait for something awesome to pop up on the site.

If you are working in a corporation you don’t even need to leave the building to do all your trading, just pop your games in the company mail (mark it as business) and away you go 🙂

I personally think this site is a great idea and it is laid out very well indeed, Go give it a try and I highly doubt you are going to be disappointed.

The Gamers Exchange

Last Updated: February 11, 2008

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