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The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff review – Get Stuff(ed)

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In the world of The Sims, a ‘stuff pack’ is really what the name says: like an expansion pack, but it only includes new items (i.e. stuff). There is no new gameplay, unless it’s directly related to a new item. So, naturally, this is a bit of a money-making scheme for EA, as you can buy a Sims 3 expansion pack, complete with new items AND new gameplay, for around R250, while a stuff pack will set you back about R200, and all you will have is…more stuff.

Still, if you’re a serious Simmer, sometimes it’s nice to have some new stuff, especially as these stuff packs are released in the gap between expansion packs. Master Suite Stuff comes between Pets and the upcoming Showtime expansion pack.

As the name and the box art suggests, this stuff pack contains furnishings that you might expect to find in a rich Sim’s master bedroom. There is a fancy bathroom set and a matching bedroom set, containing a new-look bed, toilet, bathtub and more. These can of course be coloured in any way you choose. Unfortunately, that’s it for the furniture. About 30 items, all lovely and matching in style, but there is only the one style. I was expecting perhaps multiple beds in different styles.


The range of new clothes and hairstyles feel similarly limited. Looking at the box art, you’ll pretty much see everything that is in the game. There is a new hairstyle for male Sims, along with a handful of new pyjama and underwear styles. For female Sims, there are, as always, a few more options: 4 new hairstyles and rather a lot of styles of sexy underwear and sleepwear, as well as a couple of new formalwear and swimwear styles.

The included items and clothing really look great, but I’m not convinced that this stuff pack is worth the money for so little content. Also, my Sims don’t spend all that much time prancing around in their undies, so I’m not likely to see all that new clothing that often.

That being said, if you are a fanatical collector of Sims, there are some quality items in here that will just give you that many more options in your game. Or, if you felt your game lacked underwear and/or sleepwear options, this is the stuff pack for you.

It’s available right now from BT Games for R179.

Last Updated: February 2, 2012

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