The worst Wii game ever is the developers first title, not expecting a second

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Bad games are very much the car crashes of the gaming world, you should really be doing your best to avoid the area but you just can’t help slowing down and taking a look at the destruction that surrounds them.

The latest game to have the dubious honour of being voted the worst Wii game ever is Wheelspin from Awesome Play studios.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of the developer before as, according to their website, this is the first game they have developed… and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I highly doubt someone is going to finance another after this fiasco.

According to the publishers (Bethesda of all people)

“WHEELSPIN™ is a frantically fast-paced game which pushes the Wii to its maximum capabilities. With nothing but your own reactions and the tilt of the Wii Remote between you and victory, this game is a truly thrilling experience”

Unfortunately according to the Official Nintendo Magazine review

“You might as well chuck your money down the drain instead. At least you’ll be able to control where it’s going.”

ONM gave this title 11% which is the lowest they have ever given a Wii title while stating the following major flaws

  • Handling is beyond a joke (not good for a car game)
  • Graphics are abysmal
  • Atrocious Physics (again… car games need physics)
  • Illogical respawn points
  • Horribly generic soundtrack

In fact during the review they started with 8 people playing split screen and ended with 3 after the other 5 quit out of frustration… that’s pretty poor when you think it is their job to play the game.

Oh and Awesome Play’s website looks like it was setup in 1998 it’s pretty terrible. (

Last Updated: November 30, 2009

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